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The Perks of Having a Responsive Website Design

Responsive Web Design adapts the changes brought by the widespread era of different mobile devices in having a website that can respond whichever size of browser the device has.

Why do you need Responsive Website?

According to the recent International Telecommunication Union’s Information Communication and Technology Facts and Figures, the estimated number of mobile subscription worldwide reaches almost 6.8 billion. This simply shows the mobile penetration that exists as of this moment. Another interesting statistic is the increasing numbers of mobile broadband subscriptions from 268 million to 2.1 billion (2007-2013). It positively indicates the possibility of mobile usage over taking desktop/PC usage when it comes to online browsing (mobiThinking, 2013). With these constructive statistics, it becomes easier to consider having a website that can be accessed through mobile phones. There is a greater possibility of reaching wider audiences through a responsive website. The main reason is that RWD allows a website to respond in different screen sizes, which then provide an easy to access medium.

There are loads of benefits a website can have in dealing with this responsive website design, some of it includes the following:

  • One site for all platforms: It will never be a hassle to decide whether you need a new website for mobile or stick to one website that can be accessed in all platforms. With RWD, the website can be developed in the sense of having it browsed in different screen sizes. Basically speaking, a website can be viewed and be navigated easily.

  • Connections, connections, connections: RWD can give you many chances to be connected with your users even on the go.

  • Contents accepted by search engines: When it comes to SEO, duplicated contents can be difficult to be indexed by search engines. Google does not fond of duplicated contents that is why it will be beneficial if you only have one responsive website.

  • Cost-effective and time saver: Without a mobile-friendly website, it will be a hard time to connect with mobile users. RWD saves not only the time but also the expense of developing another website for mobiles.


In the presence of BYOD or Bring Your Own Device in every meeting, seminar or even coffee break, more business personnel are getting hooked to the use of mobile devices. What your company should adapt is the availability of having a responsive website. This can maximize your audience ability to browse your website in any kind of devices that they have. Moreover, before jumping into a new paradigm make sure that you are ready to respond not only to the advantages that it will give but also to the disadvantages that may arise after building a website that is different from others. Stand out among your competitors by reaching out to your customers using the palm of their hands. It is never too late to innovate your style, have a responsive website now.

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