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The F.A.C.E. value of Mobile Application Development

Gaining its popularity increasing every now and then, mobile application has been one of the most used services when it comes to exposing companies straight to consumer’s mobile phones. Indeed, mobile application development has been increasingly affecting the companies to take advantage of the latest innovation that technology brings.

In order to cope up with this change and follow with the trend, you should know first what are the factors that should be considered in order to have an effective mobile application. We have listed here the value of F.A.C.E.Functionality, Accessibility, Contents and Engagements—in mobile application development. Consider this four important things and everything else will follow. All you need to do is to list down these things and contact an innovative mobile app developer and let your ideas turn into a collaborative project.


List down all the ideas that you have in mind for your mobile application and have a goal why a certain function should be there. Functionalities include: (insert functions) Make sure that you have limited but special functions that can attract mobile users to download the app. For a specific company, your mobile app should be aligned to the services and products that you have. Give your target market easier ways to reach you and avail what you have provided them.

• Accessibility

Now that you know what are the functions of your mobile app, know where users can download it or what are the platforms that can be used in order to use the mobile app. Platforms ranges from Android to iOS. There a lots of platforms to choose from, have it developed in the most used platform—research it first and have an assessment.

• Contents

Not all contents will be useful for mobile user especially long and indirect contents. Effective contents for mobile are straightforward, easy-to-understand, comprehensive yet appealing. With this in mind, you will be ready to have plans for the designs, images or even videos to post. For company that wants to promote and discuss attributes using a mobile app, it will be easier if it is short but appealing.

• Engagements

It is also important to build a mobile application that can increase engagement between you and your users. An application can be accessed by logging in to their social networking sites—Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus or LinkedIn—even sharing the activities made inside the mobile application can provide interactivity. Leverage the possibility of being exposed in every platform, use social engagements to connect to more people.


• Distribution

Another factor to consider, do you want your mobile application be downloaded free or paid? Or maybe you want it to be “freemium” or free apps but has in-app purchases. Decide on what will be helpful for you and can be applicable for your users.


The face value of a mobile application is important because of the fact that there is a lot of it on the app store. Plan for a unique yet usable mobile application that can let your business reach success. Consider these for factors and take one-step forward towards success. Transform your business now.

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