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Mobile Web Linking to Other Web Components

Mobile Web is an essential new media source, simply because of its convenience to access the internet using a mobile phone. Thanks to Finland and Japan as they started the concept of mobile web.

A mobile phone has a sense of ubiquity. It is readily available and exist everywhere compare to any kinds of personal computers (PC). But despite this fact, many businesses are still blindfolded with the benefits of a mobile web version. The benefits of having a mobile-oriented website can be linked from some of the website components: design, content, branding.

Web Design and Content to Mobile Web

Others may say that having a mobile-oriented site is not really good because it has some limitations like its screen size and resolution. A PC and mobile read and view a website differently; thus, the consistency of the web design and its web content can be ruined or at risk if a website does not have a mobile version.

Design is one of the basic components of a website. But the design is empty without the content. Both are crucial; the presentation of the web content will depend on the totality of the web design. However, take note that the design and the content on PC and mobile must take a different view. Remember the words “simple” and “explicit” when considering a mobile-based website.

The design of a mobile website is leaner compare to a PC-based one. Make the mobile website design as simple as possible. Integrate only the data that a user may need to know first, e.g., company’s basic information, company’s products or services, the address and contact numbers. One cannot incorporate all the information that a PC-based site has.

However, the word ’simple’ for mobile web design is not enough. It must be coupled with explicit content— short and direct. The content or information must be shortly and directly presented because the space on mobile is very limited. People are always on-the-go. Individuals who access the internet on their mobile want to get immediate answers. So do not waste time and space to give these answers.

Online Branding to Mobile Web

You may hear that having a mobile web version is a double expense. But a mobile-based site will definitely further the vision-mission of a company.

Mobile is an untapped instrument of branding. To bring the brand (company, product) across is the main motive of a website. A PC-based website is an effective start to build your company’s brand or product on the net. But a mobile-based site can do more tricks because mobile devices are easier to use—just get it in the pocket or bag then immediately do the surfing. A mobile-based website has the capability of reaching more people because it is very accessible. And it also speaks of the brand’s social and emotional aspects.

The website’s possibility of waking and touching more individuals through a mobile website is the social aspect.  For the emotional side, people will more appreciate a website that has a mobile version. Thus, a brand can be easily inculcated in their mind. The company’s identity and services can be well-recognized. Eventually, a well-established company image will result.

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