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Image credited to Geralt from Pixabay Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Minds, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Instagram provide opportunities and accessible platforms for businesses and individuals. They use these to promote their businesses, raise awareness or enhance their personal brand. While you can leverage these social media sites to your advantage, knowing why owning a...
man in gray dress shirt sitting on chair in front of computer monitor Photo credited to Luke Peters from Unsplash Web development is constantly evolving, and it can be challenging to keep up with the latest trends and technologies. Here are a few key trends that are likely to shape the field of web development in the coming years: The rise of JavaScript frameworks: JavaScript has long been a popular...
Social media sites such as Facebook pages and Twitter makes a popular form of an online presence. From online stores to services many rely on Facebook page and twitter to communicate and advertise. But having a website is another thing, it’s an indispensable necessity if you want to be successful in digital marketing and attracting...
AJAX logo What is AJAX Ajax? Is this the hero of Greek Mythology? Or the detergent? Nope, this is about web development/ programming technology. AJAX stands for Asynchronous Javascript and XML. From its name, it’s two markup languages that work together or working asynchronously – the Javascript and XML. The javascript is a language for making animated webpages...
Trends keep changing and improving as time passes by. The business web design elements that worked for you at the start of 2018 may still be alive and kicking until now, but since there are just a few months before 2019, you may need to update your design in order to acquire more web traffic. If...
The things you need to remember when putting colors to your website are simple: it must compliment, it must have a good contrast, and a bit of animation. What is difficult is implying the message before the color you have chosen. Color is the umbrella term for manipulating hues to render variations. So it might not be appropriate if we say “colour Red” because Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Green, and Purple among others are technically termed as Hues, the degree of color which it can be categorize as to a specific color set. On the other hand, color purity is called Chroma.
You are driven…really driven, so your web consulting services provider must be, too! One day, you have a bunch of minutes to look over your website. Then you have realized how awful you have: bad design, poor content, slashing color pigments, underprivileged images, and etcetera.