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“Web consultant” is the term often used to generally describe web designers, web developers, SEO specialists, and the like – what each of those professions do is basically self-explanatory. Considering how important websites are today, regardless of what industry the owner is in, these consultants have their work cut out for them. An entire company...
Everyone is insatiable in his ventures. Shortcomings and continuous surge of ideas from the market, demand of customers, and technological upgrades always create rooms for improvement and challenges for you to meet. In the seam of the pressure....
In one of our previous articles, we gushed about getting outsourced services. We firmly believe that it’s always a win-win situation for the parties involved. For us, it’s not about getting one or not, it’s about who should you get. The risk beats the reward every time.
In the past decade or so, the outsourcing business has taken a big leap. These service-providing firms are continually popping up because more and more companies are now relying on them. There’s no question that it’s an industry that’s very on demand – as it should. The partnership is filled with benefits for both parties; one gets paid, the other lessens his/her workload.
Considering how modernized and high-tech our world is today, it’s a no-brainer to decide if a business needs a website. The crucial discussion is not to get one or not, it’s who would you hire to create it for you. It’s a great reason why Web Developers, Web Designers, and Content Writers have always been in demand. In this piece, we will put the spotlight on the developers. Among those three jobs, theirs is arguably the most complex. From coding to web maintenance, to everything in between. They help create the online image of a brand. It goes definitely goes without saying that it’s as important as it can get. So, we want to ask: what are the must-have qualities of that job? Let’s explore.
Maintaining a website – it is arguably one of the most frequently overlooked tasks in websites. Its importance is synonymous to a car’s up keeping, but for some reason, owners tend to forget how essential it is. What usually happens is after their desired website is done and functioning, they just do some monitoring and forget to do the much-needed intangibles. Priding ourselves as a “one-stop shop” for various web concerns, we decided to explore on this important matter. In this piece, we will list down a couple of benefits that promise to raise awareness regarding the significance of web maintenance.
If you have a chance to deal with the international audience and let them walk through your business website without any glitches or hassles, would you do give it a shot or not. Precisely yes! Therefore, if you would want the international eyes caught on your business website, primarily doing a page that is internationally understood is definitely a must. Here’s how:
In this day and age, entering the mobile app business can be very hard. It’s an industry that’s overflowing of competitors. There’s a new type of app in the market every day, making the “margin of new ideas” thinner than it already is. Let’s not also forget that most of those competitors have been established for years. They have an edge on a dozen of important aspects: money, popularity, resources, etc. The only thing left for the newbies is to maximize the things they could do with the ideas they have. But how? What could these things be? Let’s explore on the topic.
The macro areas is not the only one business people has to consider in offshoring business. Basically and without a major clue, these micro areas directly affect your business in the Philippines.
How do you prepare for your web maintenance or web redevelopment? Canvass for a web development company, meet with your website team, and decide on what are needed to be done then go on with the maintenance or redevelopment? This is the norm for most of company clients. But we, as a Web Development Company, will suggest and highly recommend a strategic approach on how to deal with the maintenance or redevelopment phase of your site. We have enumerated six tactics here, which are grouped into three that comprise the whole strategic web maintenance/redevelopment approach.