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Writing a letter has never been this profitable. E-mail marketing is known to be one of the most personal forms of advertising. Over the past few years, it was overstated to be languish and futile. However, taking advantage on its personalized attribute, e-mail has revived and has proven its efficiency in reaching your potential leads’ inboxes, especially the privy readers and internet introverts.
E-commerce’s audience is as big as it can get. Forget citywide and even nationwide, a worldwide market is theirs for the taking. But let’s pump the breaks for a second here. We should know that for that to happen, a number of things have to come together. One of those, either 1 or 2 on...

Web Maintenance: A Necessity

Being a part of web development, web maintenance allows us to update content, modify the design and clean our website from possible bugs and viruses. However, once a website has gone live on the Internet, web maintenance is sometimes neglected or forgotten. Some website owners aren’t aware about its role to keep the website active, while others are thinking that it is just a waste of time and money.


It is significant for every company to have an online arm as the Internet became a cutthroat marketplace for trade and commerce. Because of this fact, a strict competition on the Internet is increasing, thus, website traffic and page rankings turned out to be very significant for enterprises. As a result, capitalists are giving much importance on search engine optimization campaigns as it helps the website to land on the top page of search engines.
Maintenance is pertinent in all aspects of life. From its root word ‘maintain,’ which means ‘to preserve,’ the word can be applied to our health, the material things we possess, nature, education, business and so many others. Furthermore, if you are a capitalist, knowing the significance of maintenance in every portion of your business is a must. Even the littlest facilities ought to be maintained because these can somehow give an impact to the progress of your company. And if you are an entrepreneur and you owned a website, therefore, you have to fully understand the importance of website maintenance in keeping your business afloat in the online community.

Design like a Writer

Designing is similar to writing. Generally, we refer designing to the visual contents and writing to the text contents. Both designing and writing have a great role in any communication materials, e.g., corporate website and marketing collaterals. Thus, we can consider them as “twin” in your corporate website and marketing collaterals.
We are all familiar with the cliché ‘content is king.’ The phrase simply means that the success or failure of any media outfit relies on the message one is trying to communicate. This slogan is always true especially on the Internet as it becomes a reservoir of information. Whether the information is in the form of text, audio, video, graphics or image- it is called as the website’s content.
Put yourself on the shoes of a web searcher who wants to get immediate information about a company and its products. First thing you will do is to type certain keywords or phrases related to your research. Search Engine quickly responds and gives the top websites that can probably provide complete details about your query. You click the title, you enter on the website, browse the content, but you can not find enough information. Then your immediate action is to get out on the website and find another one, right?