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Considering the recent boom in profit and usage of mobile apps — not to mention the rise of smartphone/tablet sales — it is quite understandable to see mobile developers and businesses be eager in trying to blend in and ride the wave.
Bad news travels fast, and social media made it multiply as fast as the speed of light and easily circulate across different social media channels. Crisis on social media is therefore a wildfire. You have the idea how...
Imagine this scenario: You’ve witnessed an accident in an unfamiliar place, and you are the only person who can help the victim. Luckily, you have your trusty phone with you and searched Google the keyword...
Are you handling a multinational business and plans to create a multilingual website to establish digital reputation in international scope? Or, are you a start-up aiming to build presence within the cities where your business establishment runs? Everything is targeted in SEO: from...
The importance of product descriptions cannot be stressed enough. Those copies, along with the other web content, act as the second voice and an extension of whatever the brand’s sales pitch is. If it is poorly written, it can cause an immediate free fall in reputation and revenue. In this piece, we hope to give everyone in the e-commerce industry a lift. We’ll discuss the various tips on how to write product descriptions. Moreover, this will also contain tips about what to say, how to say it, when to say it, and more. Let’s get going.
SEO has changed for the past few years and still to change for the following years. The gist, 2014 has been a great SEO battle and 2015 must change, though there are battles in branding, search ranking, SEO, social media, and marketing as a whole, 2015 must be a more personalized. Let’s claim it, the battle is there, but the SEO triumph is yours. Let us begin 2015 with SEO New years’ resolution.
Japanese can barely speak in English and so with American in speaking in Nihonggo. Because they have different languages at first hand. But the thing is…both of these people are internet users and online savvy, and most of all they are prospective consumers. But they differ in language. That’s the problem. Languages are the root cause why do we have to localize content. Plus an emerging global market, divided by millions of competitors, equals a lifetime study for the international audience.
Almost 440.1 Million Internet Users don’t speak English. So how can you reach them? Content Localization has been a virtuous topic across Global businesses nowadays. Streamlining SEO tactics, leveraging content marketing, integrating social media are just among of many tactics to win big in the global marketing arena. But just like any other concept, marketing also birthed several ups and downs that affect users’ behavior in engagement. One is the language.
In business marketing, you must consider many things such as the identity and branding of your product, your objectives and goals, your capabilities in running a kind of business, the budget, the place, the equipment, your strategies, and other marketing efforts including your website. But among these, the most essential thing you must consider is your target market.
Keeping your e-commerce business alive and kicking in the middle of a whole lot competitions out there may be a stressful job to you as a business owner. That annoying task will be lessened when you -and your business partner- consider these 3 Ss in building a world-class and competitive e-commerce. To give you a glimpse on these, check out the following facts and figures on the infographic below.