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In general, a press release is composed of seven elements which are: the title/headline, dateline, Introduction/lead, body/content, company bio, ending and media contact information. But the five key elements that must be optimized are headline, introduction, body, boilerplate or company bio and media contact information.
An online press release which is written in an SEO approach to rank well on search engines is called “search engine optimized press release or SEO press release.”
Search Engine Optimization starts from On-Page Optimization (page title, meta-description, text content, images, sitemap, navigation, URL). Off-page Search Engine Optimization though completes the whole pie of SEO. It is the “better half” of On-page Search Engine Optimization. Off-page Optimization is anything that you do outside your web page (link building) to increase ranking in Search Engine Results Page or SERP. This translates that Off-page does not controlled by your codes. To give you a logical view, here are several tools for or practices of building links through Off-Page Search Engine Optimization.
In Search Engine Optimization, choosing keywords is the stepping stone. Success in Search Engine Optimization will depend on the keywords crafted for the title, meta-description, images, and text content among others. But be cautious in selecting because injecting inappropriate and too many keywords will downturn your site’s relationship with the users and the search engines.
using open source in web development Website development is one of the most obvious indications that human intelligence is progressing. From building of simple static webpages, web programmers and developers were able to create dynamic websites. And the invention of dynamic websites comes along with development of Content Management System (CMS).

SEO: Why Use a Sitemap

search engine optimization A Sitemap is a website page and a tool that allows the users and search engines to locate the different pages of a website. It is an interactive map that displays the site’s structure and the anchor text links of webpages to give the visitors an easy navigation within the website. But sitemap is not only useful to human visitors, it also provides indexing information for search engines. Thus, a sitemap is also an important reinforcement for search engine optimization.
seo, multilingual website, mobile website, web maintenance Nevertheless, business enterprises definitely have competitors around their places. A venture who wants to succeed in this firm should always be open to possibility of looking for solutions for them to make it on top of their customers.

SEO: Article Marketing

article marketing versus copywriting Article Marketing vs. Copywriting Article marketing and copywriting are business activities used for advertising and promotion. Although their objectives are similar to each other, article marketing and copywriting are still two different entities in some ways. Article marketing is the publication and distribution of written articles in the marketplace, which contents are industry related. A “resource box”...
online branding Just like our technology, Identity Elements of Online Branding is also evolving. A brand expert can utilize these advanced identity elements to establish a product in the online marketplace. But, before we discuss the topic further, let’s have a recap on the first part of this article. In the article Online Branding: The Basic Identity Elements,...
Social Media for SEO When we say “Social Media,” we usually think of Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube, Wordpress, StumbleUpon and the like. These are the common examples of Social Media, but the term is broad in meaning and has many definitions that can be found on the Internet.