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One side of the story, Pearl of the Orient; the other one, Pearl of the BPO industry? Today, Philippines continues to dominate outsourcing hub royalty in the world. Well known as the Pearl of the Orient, Philippines has been a pioneer in the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) for the past few years and still counting for the coming years. But how these started and how can we project the future of outsourcing in the Philippines.
Finding your business niche online needs effective internet marketing strategy. It is given that you have a website and people can already find you through search engines, but can you settle for that kind of system? You have to grow your business and your relationship with your online consumers. That is why it is important to have recommendations from previous customers and former employees in order for you to reach wider community of online users.
When it comes to web design, most of the time people already have basic ideas regarding their websites. This varies from design, colors, style and function as the output of a project. Looking for a web designer and hiring them to do all the work can be a misconception for clients because they are dependent on almost everything. Because of this, a project becomes harder to achieve. Nevertheless, what can make you more productive as a designer is to have list of questions that can help you and your client work on the same phase without the hassle of miscommunication. This article will provide you the areas that you should look up to when starting a website project and some questions that you might want to ask your clients as you develop their website and online presence.
In the Philippines, contact center or call center is what initially comes into mind when talking about BPO. This is because the call center industry allowed the Philippines to stand out and to continuously become one of the global leaders in this outsourcing arena. The BPO growth in the country attributed to the demand of contact centers and call center agents. However, the country offers more than voice operations. Choose among these BPO sectors and venture onto the skills and expertise of Philippine Outsourcing.
In our last article “Social Media Marketing: To Outsource or Not to Outsource?”, we have discussed the benefits and risks of handing the social media management task to a third-party vendor. So assuming that you have decided to use this outsourcing strategy, here are some of the best practices that you must take into consideration.
Though it is closely associated with SEM and SEO, social media marketing (SMM) has been creating a buzz in the Internet marketing industry since the growing popularity of Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube, Pinterest, etc. became very obvious. Today, SMM is already emerging as one of the hottest trends in Internet marketing.
Hypothetically, offshoring will really help your business. How then you should choose the country (destination) and the BPO/ITO (organization)? What are the indicators that yes you’re on the right track? The 5Cs below are our suggested criteria to mitigate the hurly-burly mode in choosing the offshore outsourcing destination and organization.
Offshoring to the Philippines, India or to other outsourcing destinations requires strategic thinking. Strategic thinking let you ponder on the long term effects, whether risk or harbour, of your offshoring effort. We can call this as Strategic Offshore Outsourcing.

An Overview to Offshore Outsourcing

Just like outsourcing, offshoring is also a business strategy, which has been widely used by many businesses today. Oftentimes, offshoring and outsourcing are used synonymously or interchangeably. Although these two strategies are somehow the same in terms of their practice, still, they are different entities.
The title sounds a little bit of the country’s tourism slogan. This article, however, does not talk about Philippine Tourism Industry. Instead, it tackles Philippine Outsourcing— why Outsourcing Philippines is more exciting than any other outsourcing destinations?