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The macro areas is not the only one business people has to consider in offshoring business. Basically and without a major clue, these micro areas directly affect your business in the Philippines.
Due to high cost of demands and other grounds of productivity, offshoring has been a great way for businesses to deal with. What makes it strategically is picking the best country to offshore your business. For United State of America (USA), Canada, Europe, and other Asian foreign countries out there, are you planning to offshore some of your business operations in the Philippines? Freshen up onto the areas you need to know about the Philippines. These are critical aspects to the success of setting up an off-shored operation. We have chopped this article’s topic into two parts. First part, which you will read below, enumerates the three-macro areas you need awareness in doing business in the Philippines.
Hypothetically, offshoring will really help your business. How then you should choose the country (destination) and the BPO/ITO (organization)? What are the indicators that yes you’re on the right track? The 5Cs below are our suggested criteria to mitigate the hurly-burly mode in choosing the offshore outsourcing destination and organization.
Offshoring to the Philippines, India or to other outsourcing destinations requires strategic thinking. Strategic thinking let you ponder on the long term effects, whether risk or harbour, of your offshoring effort. We can call this as Strategic Offshore Outsourcing.

An Overview to Offshore Outsourcing

Just like outsourcing, offshoring is also a business strategy, which has been widely used by many businesses today. Oftentimes, offshoring and outsourcing are used synonymously or interchangeably. Although these two strategies are somehow the same in terms of their practice, still, they are different entities.