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Tired about running your business and feel like nothing is changing and everything now seems to be stagnant? In this era when most people own smartphones and gadgets, so having a mobile app for your business is definitely a game-changer, especially if you want your business to shine. Making an app is a whole process that requires...
Are you planning out a digital ad campaign? Have you chosen what strategy you will use? All forms of media have to do advertisement to keep the business at pace. Search engines and social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter use Cost-per-click and cost-per-mille for their ad business.
Bad news travels fast, and social media made it multiply as fast as the speed of light and easily circulate across different social media channels. Crisis on social media is therefore a wildfire. You have the idea how...
Are you handling a multinational business and plans to create a multilingual website to establish digital reputation in international scope? Or, are you a start-up aiming to build presence within the cities where your business establishment runs? Everything is targeted in SEO: from...
Social media has unmistakably cracked how corporate and marketing communication behaves, as it intervenes on the above the line, traditional advertising avenues; and steadily emerges as the ‘fashion’ in marketing today. Gone are the days of mundane print and outdoor ads, pricey TVCs, and old sounding radio jingles. Social media is far from...
Writing a letter has never been this profitable. E-mail marketing is known to be one of the most personal forms of advertising. Over the past few years, it was overstated to be languish and futile. However, taking advantage on its personalized attribute, e-mail has revived and has proven its efficiency in reaching your potential leads’ inboxes, especially the privy readers and internet introverts.
Hashtag is not just for fun or an urban and digital “go- around” that everyone follows. This, in a deeper sense, is a marketing technique every social media marketer must properly follow. Hashtag is basically a word or phrase preceded by a hash mark (#). The symbol is commonly included in a message or phrase to facilitate keyword or topic searches. Most users have no idea that in certain Social Media sites, including a hashtag in a post, will make the post searchable by other users.
Many rising business now would want to take something higher from what they used to do when it comes to marketing their company. It seems to be a struggle for them to what platform to use to increase their sales. Here’s what Facebook offers them, the newly re-launch of Facebook for Business that features marketing solutions for every young entrepreneurs and established businesses. It simplifies advertisements, streamlines ad products offered and makes Facebook easier to use for businesses, good ways to revamp and redesign Facebook as a marketing tool. According to Christina McBride, Facebook’s Business Marketing Communications team Marketing Manager, Facebook for business will be the central destination for news, information and inspiration to drive positive business results on Facebook.
Reality check: Marketing effort doesn’t just end with sort of texts. Companies must then realize that 65% of people can process information by images rather than a plain text. And most of these people (that might be your prospective customer) have information in mind that are 90% visually related. More about your prospective consumer, and how to do bait them out. Check this infographic.

Learning M.A.T.H. for Web Development

According to the 2013 AT&T Small Business Technology Poll almost two-thirds (67%) of businesses have been using their website to promote products and services to customers. This shows that digital marketing can be one of the easiest and helpful start-up for your business endeavors. Digital marketing process ranges from building online presence, connecting to people and continuous maintenance. In this article, we are to elaborate four things that can serve as your “go-signal” in creating website for your online presence. These are the M.A.T.H. for Web Development.