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When it comes to web design, most of the time people already have basic ideas regarding their websites. This varies from design, colors, style and function as the output of a project. Looking for a web designer and hiring them to do all the work can be a misconception for clients because they are dependent on almost everything. Because of this, a project becomes harder to achieve. Nevertheless, what can make you more productive as a designer is to have list of questions that can help you and your client work on the same phase without the hassle of miscommunication. This article will provide you the areas that you should look up to when starting a website project and some questions that you might want to ask your clients as you develop their website and online presence.
online branding Just like our technology, Identity Elements of Online Branding is also evolving. A brand expert can utilize these advanced identity elements to establish a product in the online marketplace. But, before we discuss the topic further, let’s have a recap on the first part of this article. In the article Online Branding: The Basic Identity Elements,...
online branding It is established that a brand or branding is not just about the brand name and brand logo of a company. Brand, as a whole, is the promise set by a company to its target market. However, the first step in any branding strategy is building the Corporate Identity, Brand Identity or merely the Identity. Identity encompasses all the physical elements of a brand.

Design like a Writer

Designing is similar to writing. Generally, we refer designing to the visual contents and writing to the text contents. Both designing and writing have a great role in any communication materials, e.g., corporate website and marketing collaterals. Thus, we can consider them as “twin” in your corporate website and marketing collaterals.
Mobile Web is an essential new media source, simply because of its convenience to access the internet using a mobile phone. Thanks to Finland and Japan as they started the concept of mobile web. Mobile has a sense of ubiquity. It is readily available and exist everywhere compare to any kinds of personal computers (PC). But despite this fact, many businesses are still blindfolded with the benefits of a mobile web version. The benefits of having a mobile-oriented website can be linked from some of the website components: design, content, branding.
We always hear the words “It’s branded!” But do we really know the real sense of a brand?
In modern era like this, everything is being globalized and connected. No one can deny the importance of having a website for different organizations in conveying messages to various people across the globe. At the present business trends, website has become an essential marketing tool for big and small businesses that are aiming to reach the international market because of its usability, functionality and effectiveness in reaching a wider market.
After months of comprehensive study, careful planning, and meticulous development, Web Outsourcing Gateway has finally found its way online. Web Outsourcing Gateway responds to the fast-growing outsourcing industry by launching that targets clients looking for a company that offers a variety of web and web consulting services under one roof.