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Social media’s influence to businessmen, particularly in e-commerce, is truly unprecedented. The way they have changed the overall landscape of how everyone in the industry would market, advertise, etc. is nothing short of amazing, so much so that it has opened a sub-genre, SOCIAL COMMERCE.
The importance of product descriptions cannot be stressed enough. Those copies, along with the other web content, act as the second voice and an extension of whatever the brand’s sales pitch is. If it is poorly written, it can cause an immediate free fall in reputation and revenue. In this piece, we hope to give everyone in the e-commerce industry a lift. We’ll discuss the various tips on how to write product descriptions. Moreover, this will also contain tips about what to say, how to say it, when to say it, and more. Let’s get going.
E-commerce’s audience is as big as it can get. Forget citywide and even nationwide, a worldwide market is theirs for the taking. But let’s pump the breaks for a second here. We should know that for that to happen, a number of things have to come together. One of those, either 1 or 2 on...
There are two sides of e-commerce development. It’s either you make or you break the purpose of the site. If you were able to virtually operate 24/7 and reach borderless clients and customer, then you MAKE it! Nonetheless, if web visitors do not interact in your site and eventually stay away from the site, then you BREAK the purpose of having an e-commerce.
While there is the concept of communication, there is marketing. Now, marketing works hand-in-hand with technology. However, if there is the word called “competition”, then do e-commerce. Since competition is seemingly unstoppable, business will never end up using traditional marketing strategies, instead they will engage to the application of technology –primarily the internet. And while it's clear that technology emerges really fast nowadays, marketing also expanded with this milestone through e- commerce.
E-commerce is a sort of business that uses electronic system such as Internet and other computer networks in buying and selling of products and services of a Freelancer or a company. In electronic business industry, e-commerce became a vital tool in exchanging data and information to assist the financing and payment aspects of business transactions.
There are various types of websites that are developed to produce compelling contents, promote services and even connect business with people around the globe. From the previous researches, the World Wide Web significantly increased up to 861 million developed websites as of January 2014, making different industries explore for more possibilities with web development. With the growing number of connections built with the use of websites, business can have lots of opportunity in finding their niche online. The question lies on the kind of website you should develop.
Electronic commerce or e-commerce is one of the digital-era-related industries that have been put on the buzz lately. In 2012, we have seen the incredible growth of e-commerce business. Online shopping becomes a widespread habit between retailers and shoppers. It is no wonder because it makes selling and buying more convenient for both parties. And because of this, different platforms have been used to cater the online trade between merchants and customers.

Basic SEO for E-commerce

Who says that SEO is far beyond possible on e-commerce sites? It might be daunting compare to brochure or informational websites and any other types of sites, but it is probable as long as you are more than ready to exert extra effort.

Pick your E-commerce Platform

What makes an e-commerce site different from the other types of web development? Apart from a scripting language and a database alone, it is the utilization of e-commerce platforms or shopping carts to fulfill the e-commerce web development purpose. Maybe this sounds easy. But the hardest decision for you as an e-commerce website owner or developer is picking the right e-commerce platform for the site.