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Mainstream athletes, such as NBA players, receive a lot of love and respect from fans. Women go crazy for them, men admire them, and kids grow up wanting to be just like them. In the court of academics, however....
It was said that 2015 was the year when live-streaming boomed in the cyberspace scene. Live-streaming isn’t really new to one’s ear as it is typically being done in the field of journalism, but the idea of putting it into an app and making it easier to do piqued everyone’s interest. Although....
Could you recall the first time you made an animation? Animation has been a long-time goal for artists. The dream of making drawings move and come into life has been an achieved and even pushed into limits in this technological era.
Social media has unmistakably cracked how corporate and marketing communication behaves, as it intervenes on the above the line, traditional advertising avenues; and steadily emerges as the ‘fashion’ in marketing today. Gone are the days of mundane print and outdoor ads, pricey TVCs, and old sounding radio jingles. Social media is far from...
Writing a letter has never been this profitable. E-mail marketing is known to be one of the most personal forms of advertising. Over the past few years, it was overstated to be languish and futile. However, taking advantage on its personalized attribute, e-mail has revived and has proven its efficiency in reaching your potential leads’ inboxes, especially the privy readers and internet introverts.
E-commerce’s audience is as big as it can get. Forget citywide and even nationwide, a worldwide market is theirs for the taking. But let’s pump the breaks for a second here. We should know that for that to happen, a number of things have to come together. One of those, either 1 or 2 on...

The Big 3 of Internet Marketing

Marketing is like a battlefield. You need to fight to survive. You need to find strategies to stay alive. You need to have the greatest, the biggest, and most powerful weapons to defeat your opponents. This is the challenge...and the reality.