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Mainstream athletes, such as NBA players, receive a lot of love and respect from fans. Women go crazy for them, men admire them, and kids grow up wanting to be just like them. In the court of academics, however....
There are various types of websites that are developed to produce compelling contents, promote services and even connect business with people around the globe. From the previous researches, the World Wide Web significantly increased up to 861 million developed websites as of January 2014, making different industries explore for more possibilities with web development. With the growing number of connections built with the use of websites, business can have lots of opportunity in finding their niche online. The question lies on the kind of website you should develop.
What are wireframes? Wireframes serves as the backbone of every web development project that involves visual outlook of pages being made. It consists of design plans that will be used in the project a designer is working on from page elements, labels, titles, content text and images. It serves to be the map of the systematic process of web development including its functions, structure and the content a web page may contain.
When it comes to producing dynamic and interactive web pages, the basic knowledge about JavaScript becomes an edge in web development. Developing a website with JavaScript makes it easier to command browsers in a customized way in terms of improving design, validating forms, creating cookies and much more.
In the wide scope of web development, learning different programming languages has been one of the effective ways to create an interactive and innovative websites. Web developer professionals know that each programming languages has its own differences and it is used depending on its functions. One of the famous languages utilized in web creation is PHP, which is known because of the convenience it delivers in developing dynamic web content. In the survey of W3 Tech as of December 2013, PHP is continuously gaining its popularity as the top Programming Languages for Server-Side Scripting used in website creation. Moreover, its advantages and even disadvantages make it significant for web developers to look for an easy way to develop PHP applications in a fast, efficient yet simple way to code—through PHP Frameworks. Taking advantage of its availability in the market, PHP Frameworks let developers deliver robust and successful process of web development.
The on-going process of web development and design is nothing without the basic building blocks. These building blocks encompass different elements such as HTML, JavaScript, MySQL, etc. In our last article “Web Development: Basic Concepts of HTML5“, we have discussed the importance of HTML and the features of its latest iteration HTML5 in the field...
In a web development and design industry, it is essential to learn the basic of creating a website. From coding to designing to the whole process of web development, developers and designers should have the knowledge on how to input elements like HTML and CSS, which are necessary for website creation. Moreover, with the vast innovation and wide scope of programming and designing, learning process should be continuous especially since the elements used are evolving. One of the recent advancements that developers find very useful is HTML5, the latest iteration of HTML.
Electronic commerce or e-commerce is one of the digital-era-related industries that have been put on the buzz lately. In 2012, we have seen the incredible growth of e-commerce business. Online shopping becomes a widespread habit between retailers and shoppers. It is no wonder because it makes selling and buying more convenient for both parties. And because of this, different platforms have been used to cater the online trade between merchants and customers.