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Photo credited to ThisisEngineering from Unsplash There are a few in-demand jobs in information technology for 2023. They include big data engineers, cloud architects, and mobile app developers. Each of these jobs requires a different skill set, so if you’re interested in working in information technology, be sure to research the specific job you’re interested in...
Photo by Stocksnap from Programming and coding are one of the en-demand courses and careers due to advances in computing technology, data science and display technology. With tons of courses online, you’ve vast choices of learning videos, audios, ebooks and interactive websites. This overload of choices can make your decision-making difficult or even make you...
Photo courtesy of Advances in information technology opened numerous home-based jobs that made earning money ubiquitous – you can earn money anywhere and anytime – unlike traditional jobs. With a computer, speedy internet and mini office set-up you can start a home-based job. Here are the hottest home-based and online jobs in the Philippines. Content and...
Image by Arthur Bowers from Pixabay In-house and work from home jobs are the two most commonly used terms when referring to work setup types. During the pandemic, job seekers, HR personnel and employees encounter these terms when searching for a job, verifying qualifications, or referring an applicant. When you work In the information technology industry,...
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay Information technology is among the industries with rising job market growth. Most or all companies use computers to process data, make graphics, manage communications and store data. New technologies such as drones and smartphones use artificial intelligence, and the internet of things combine sensors and household items such as appliances....