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Photo courtesy of Advances in information technology opened numerous home-based jobs that made earning money ubiquitous – you can earn money anywhere and anytime – unlike traditional jobs. With a computer, speedy internet and mini office set-up you can start a home-based job. Here are the hottest home-based and online jobs in the Philippines. Content and...
Image by Arthur Bowers from Pixabay In-house and work from home jobs are the two most commonly used terms when referring to work setup types. During the pandemic, job seekers, HR personnel and employees encounter these terms when searching for a job, verifying qualifications, or referring an applicant. When you work In the information technology industry,...
Image by StartupStockPhotos from Pixabay Coding, engineering computers and programming synonymize all words we describe writing a bunch of symbols, letters and numbers that a machine can understand. Such codes can result in the desired computer behaviour or outcome such as showing a menu or triggering an action. The programming facts will help you understand the...
Image by StockSnap from Pixabay In today’s digital or information technology-driven economy, software can bring blessings to your business. Whether you’re in healthcare or warehousing, you can find software like the project management tool beneficial for your business. Business Benefits of a project management tool Save time and money by automating routine tasks Performing routine tasks can zap your...
Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay Hand-coded website refers to webpages (homepage, subpage) that were manually made or coded by humans who knew front-end back-end programming languages. Drag and drop (DADs) embody ready to use websites that don’t require coding skills on the user’s end. This ready to use website will offer an interface that you...
Image by Kevin Phillips from Pixabay Fun facts involve historical, research, statistical and trivial information. Knowing them can give you an insight into how things work in the world of information technologists. Here we lay them. Changing fonts can save ink Fonts come in different styles such as times new roman, san serif, serif, Garamond etc. Choosing a...
Image courtesy of kreatikar from Having a digital or internet presence is crucial to reach customers and visitors. A business without an internet domain is akin to a bakeshop in the middle of a dense and far far away forest. Building your website gives you an address in the digital world. You might think, Ah,...
Photo by Yeiffer from Computers are a money-making machine – it’s like the passenger van that lets you earn commissions and paychecks. The advancements in web development, apps, software and the internet made computers an indispensable tool for earning money. Whether you have a new or old laptop, it’s best to take care of it...
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay Information technology is among the industries with rising job market growth. Most or all companies use computers to process data, make graphics, manage communications and store data. New technologies such as drones and smartphones use artificial intelligence, and the internet of things combine sensors and household items such as appliances....
Ordinateur, Sécurité, Cadenas, Pirate, Piratage, Vol Image by TheDigitalWay at Pixabay The internet and cloud technology (an ability to access files or software in any computer) is both a boon and bane. A boon for efficient communication and collaboration; a bane since your identity and files are at risks of being exposed to hackers. Here we covered how to secure your files whether you’re...