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“You are what you eat” is a proverb that tells you must eat good food to be healthy and fit. Being healthy equates to sound body and mind. In the information and technology industry, most of the job such as front end, back end web developers, graphic artists and writers are brainpower intensive that they...
Social media sites such as Facebook pages and Twitter makes a popular form of an online presence. From online stores to services many rely on Facebook page and twitter to communicate and advertise. But having a website is another thing, it’s an indispensable necessity if you want to be successful in digital marketing and attracting...
Smartphones are daily parts of our lives, it seems that without it, you’re disconnected to your family, fiance, and friends. A day without Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube streaming would be boring on the day you’re stuck on traffic or solo in an apartment. Sophisticated smartphones are getting common and some of their prices are getting...
The world of web development, database administration, networking, graphic design and search engine optimization are known for their technical jargons that makes reading them too technical or abstract. If you’re a beginner in IT career or web dev and just starting to wade through the vast intricacies of the information technology, you could have a...
AJAX logo What is AJAX Ajax? Is this the hero of Greek Mythology? Or the detergent? Nope, this is about web development/ programming technology. AJAX stands for Asynchronous Javascript and XML. From its name, it’s two markup languages that work together or working asynchronously – the Javascript and XML. The javascript is a language for making animated webpages...
Here’s the list of the must download free apps with the most compelling updates in 2018 that should definitely be on your phones before 2019 comes in!
New inking. 3D effects. AI features. These are just some of the features that Microsoft announced on November 29, to accompany the latest Office 365.
Tired about running your business and feel like nothing is changing and everything now seems to be stagnant? In this era when most people own smartphones and gadgets, so having a mobile app for your business is definitely a game-changer, especially if you want your business to shine. Making an app is a whole process that requires...
Google Play Store will no longer allow developers to upload an app update unless the update targets Android versions 8.0 or higher.
It’s never easy to choose the BEST ecommerce solution fit for your business. There are lots of factors that you need to consider depending on your type of industry and other specific requirements. To help you decide  on which platform to use, we enlisted the 8 powerful ecommerce solutions fit for your online shop. WooCommerce WooCommerce has been...