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We already reached six weeks into the year 2017 and somewhat there are still talks of which style (or styles) will rule the web design trending list. Sure, we have seen the artsy hippest offerings (big bold typeface, open composition, asymmetry, and cohesive experiences) and the obvious resemblances of the modernization (micro-interactions, AI-powered bots, and...

2017: Top 10 Gadgets to Expect

The Year of the Rooster has finally arrived! They say it can be a symbol of new beginnings and so the world of technology has tons of surprises for you this 2017. 10. Flowmotion Smartphone Stabilizer Smartphone Stabilizer, developed by Flowmotion ONE, will turn a lot of people into a professional videographer this new year. It is...
The Top 10 Viral Releases of 2016 A few weeks from now, 2016 will come to an end, but before that happens, we enlisted the top 10 releases, from the latest gadgets to the controversies that shocked 2016. 10.) PS4 Pro: “The most powerful console” Sony released the latest Playstation console last November 10. PS4 Pro boasts of a higher resolution that is 1080p...
On Wednesday morning, the name of the Heroes’ Cemetery on Google Maps was changed to Libingan ng mga Bayani at Isang Magnanakaw (Cemetery of Heroes and A Burglar). Google users have the capability to change any point in Google Maps. According to the Terms of Service for the Google Map Maker, “the Service allows (users) to...
Web hosting, in layman’s language, is a business of keeping websites and databases in servers to keep them available and accessible to public or intended users. Due to the continuous increasing demand for digital publication, web hosting companies must keep the pace of upgrading their servers and services. According to the latest data from webhosting,...
Aside from Error 404: Not Found, what other HTTP error codes have you already encountered while surfing the internet? And apart from refreshing the page, what else have you done to resolve the error?
Getting tired of sitting on your couch while watching your home team’s much-awaited match or playing your favorite video game? Why not try joining them at the very moment?
Social media’s influence to businessmen, particularly in e-commerce, is truly unprecedented. The way they have changed the overall landscape of how everyone in the industry would market, advertise, etc. is nothing short of amazing, so much so that it has opened a sub-genre, SOCIAL COMMERCE.
Major changes are coming your way, Apple users! The multinational tech company just revealed their latest upgrade for the iOS 10, and they described it as their “biggest release ever.”
Facebook’s father, Mark Zuckerberg, will be holding a live Q&A session via Facebook Live on June 14, 2016 at 11:30 AM Pacific Time. After successfully communicating with astronauts in the International Space Station (ISS), “The Zuck” is now ready to