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Google has released the latest version of its Android operating system Integrated Development Environment (IDE), Android Studio 3.2 on September 24, 2018. The new version is now available for download to bring developers new ways to optimize battery efficiency, faster app testing, and more assets from Android 9 Pie. The IDE update was first announced at...
We’ve put together the 8 Mobile App Development Tools for 2018 that are just right for your app.

Goodbye, Microsoft Paint

The upcoming update of Windows 10 may completely remove its Microsoft Paint feature. Before Photoshop, the MS Paint feature of Microsoft was the first graphic editor used by so many people. It is the easiest photo editor to use if you are just going to cut or crop, and paste an image. It was released together...
We already reached six weeks into the year 2017 and somewhat there are still talks of which style (or styles) will rule the web design trending list. Sure, we have seen the artsy hippest offerings (big bold typeface, open composition, asymmetry, and cohesive experiences) and the obvious resemblances of the modernization (micro-interactions, AI-powered bots, and...

2017: Top 10 Gadgets to Expect

The Year of the Rooster has finally arrived! They say it can be a symbol of new beginnings and so the world of technology has tons of surprises for you this 2017. 10. Flowmotion Smartphone Stabilizer Smartphone Stabilizer, developed by Flowmotion ONE, will turn a lot of people into a professional videographer this new year. It is...
Web hosting, in layman’s language, is a business of keeping websites and databases in servers to keep them available and accessible to public or intended users. Due to the continuous increasing demand for digital publication, web hosting companies must keep the pace of upgrading their servers and services. According to the latest data from webhosting,...
Getting tired of sitting on your couch while watching your home team’s much-awaited match or playing your favorite video game? Why not try joining them at the very moment?
Are you a businessman planning to develop a mobile app for your business? Have you decided what type of app you will put up? Let this quick infographic enlighten you on the pros and cons of these three options to help you decide on your mobile app development.
Having a strong web presence is important in businesses, especially now that technology has been available to all. However, your business will be more advantageous if you reach out for more customers, breaking the language barrier in your web-based promotion. According to Mark Bishop...
As we may all know, the current generation we are in have smartphones in a whole different level. Gone are the days where it's just for texts and calls. It has extended to a couple of more purposes, with internet and social media browsing as the most notable.