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Outsourcing a web project requires preparing the project papers and documentations. These papers may range from project quotation, project proposal, project plan to quality plan, training plan, and maintenance plan. But few have realized that this 2 to 3 pages of papers are equally important in achieving the ends of producing a website—the Creative Brief.
The things you need to remember when putting colors to your website are simple: it must compliment, it must have a good contrast, and a bit of animation. What is difficult is implying the message before the color you have chosen. Color is the umbrella term for manipulating hues to render variations. So it might not be appropriate if we say “colour Red” because Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Green, and Purple among others are technically termed as Hues, the degree of color which it can be categorize as to a specific color set. On the other hand, color purity is called Chroma.
There are two sides of e-commerce development. It’s either you make or you break the purpose of the site. If you were able to virtually operate 24/7 and reach borderless clients and customer, then you MAKE it! Nonetheless, if web visitors do not interact in your site and eventually stay away from the site, then you BREAK the purpose of having an e-commerce.
Reality check: Marketing effort doesn’t just end with sort of texts. Companies must then realize that 65% of people can process information by images rather than a plain text. And most of these people (that might be your prospective customer) have information in mind that are 90% visually related. More about your prospective consumer, and how to do bait them out. Check this infographic.
Good job! Your site ranked in an engine. All of a sudden, you lose SEO battle, your web witter, then die! How was it?
While there is the concept of communication, there is marketing. Now, marketing works hand-in-hand with technology. However, if there is the word called “competition”, then do e-commerce. Since competition is seemingly unstoppable, business will never end up using traditional marketing strategies, instead they will engage to the application of technology –primarily the internet. And while it's clear that technology emerges really fast nowadays, marketing also expanded with this milestone through e- commerce.
E-commerce is a sort of business that uses electronic system such as Internet and other computer networks in buying and selling of products and services of a Freelancer or a company. In electronic business industry, e-commerce became a vital tool in exchanging data and information to assist the financing and payment aspects of business transactions.
Mobile Application –or referred to as an “app” – is a sort of application software that is designed to run a mobile device, such as smartphone or tablet computer. Frequently, it provides users with similar services as what PCs have and done. Today, more people access the Internet through mobile phones than through personal computers. Commonly, mobile phones are nigh on corporate people because they can use it anytime and anywhere for their business. With this, web developers cultivate mobile application today with quality usability, informative features, and responsive designs that can be the reason why it trends today.
Mobile application development will never be possible without the help of online stores or app stores in terms of distributing a specific application. It provides easy delivery to mobile users wherein they can choose from different categories ranging from music apps, games, movies, books, etc. Application stores serves as an online marketplace that distributes applications according to its availability in different devices.
Gaining its popularity increasing every now and then, mobile application has been one of the most used services when it comes to exposing companies straight to consumer’s mobile phones. Indeed, mobile application development has been increasingly affecting the companies to take advantage of the latest innovation that technology brings.