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4 Reasons Why Owning a Website is Better than Having a Social Media Page Alone.

Image credited to Geralt from Pixabay

Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Minds, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Instagram provide opportunities and accessible platforms for businesses and individuals. They use these to promote their businesses, raise awareness or enhance their personal brand. While you can leverage these social media sites to your advantage, knowing why owning a website matters can help your business survive and thrive in the long run. Here are some reasons why owning a website is better than owning a social media page alone:

Control: Remember, social media pages are subject to the algorithms, rules, and trends of the platform. An abrupt change to these can negatively impact your business. For example, Facebook can suddenly take down your page even if it’s reported for false violations.  A year-old social media can suddenly close down due to economic and technological trends. With a website, you’ve complete control over your design, content, and functionality that content, which can increase conversions and trust.

Credibility: owning a website can help y our brand establish credibility and professionalism. Credibility can help you show your customers and other businesses that you’re serious and willing to invest in creating a positive user experience.

Longevity: Social media sites are subject to trends. Today they are popular, tomorrow is another story. Intense competition can result in one social site losing engagement and followers, and so too does your business or brand. On the other hand, a website can provide you with a stable online presence that can outlast trends or changes.

Visibility: In search engine optimisation, visibility means the rate at which a website appears in search engine results. When you have a high website rank or visibility, you can attract more organic traffic, resulting in better sales and leads. Social media sites appear lower in search engine rankings than dedicated websites.

While social media can promote your business, owning a website can provide greater credibility, control, longevity, and visibility. The best strategy is to own a website and use social media to reach your broad audience and inspire loyalty and trust.

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