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How to Study Programming the Correct Way – 1

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Programming and coding are one of the en-demand courses and careers due to advances in computing technology, data science and display technology. With tons of courses online, you’ve vast choices of learning videos, audios, ebooks and interactive websites. This overload of choices can make your decision-making difficult or even make you lost during your study. To get you on the right track, let’s think about how to study programming the correct way.

  • Maintain your health: the balanced way

You can be zealous to begin programming and even persevere even faced with difficult problems. At this point, you may be in danger of going overtime and forgetting to take enough breaks and observe a healthy lifestyle. The thing is to eat nutritious food good for your brain and body and to perform appropriate exercises. Maintaining your health can balance your programming career and allow you to learn optimally.

  • Take a break

Learning continuously for long hours can result in plummeting productivity, motivation and energy. Take a break after an hour. Try the Pomodoro method that divides time into 25 minutes of learning and 5 minutes break. You can modify these learning times and breaks as you progress.

  • Learn by doing

Your brain and body can remember the complex codes of HTML, CSS, Javascript, SQL etc by practising exercises, finding bugs and solving them. Practice coding through these sites:

  • Map your learning

Although it’s possible to learn just any coding language but starting without a roadmap can setup you up for failure and demotivation. Here are roadmap steps:

  • Step 1: Learn the algorithm

  • Step 2: Learn the paradigm and not the programming language

  • Step 3: Select the programming language and apply that programming to solve a problem.

  • Step 4. Focus on designing a solution and not too much on the code. Use the paradigm’s best practices

  • Step 5: learn a framework or library and go back to step 3 practice.


For more details on the programming roadmap, visit this site Roadmap to become a developer in 2022

  • Study data structures and algorithm(DSA)

An algorithm refers to the formula and rules used to solve a problem.  In analogy, it’s the recipe and procedures of spaghetti and its desired outcome – a delicious and firm pasta. On the other hand, data structures pertain to a format or system for processing, retrieving & storing data. While absolutely you can perform programming tasks without learning DSA, you can be ahead of other programmers if you know them. Knowing algorithms and data structures

  • Join coding online schools

Most or all online schools have structured lessons that are bit sized to avoid overwhelming their students. One such best school is This site involves a live coding console where you can see a typing area for codes and results.

Some coding schools and learning aggregator sites include:

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