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9 In-Demand Programming Languages and Frameworks

Photo by Innovalabs at Pixabay

Programming languages comprises codes, rules or instructions used by computers to do a specific set of tasks. Such commands can involve displaying info, animating objects and sending information. Throughout decades on the improvement of computer technology, new modifications and inventions on programming languages made these in-demand lists.

Front -End Languages


Boostrap refers to a framework, a library or a collection of CSS, HTML and Javascript used for making web applications and pages. Originally created by Twitter, the framework is open source or free and hosted at GitHub.


HTML is a markup language used to give structure to documents displayed on a website. It organises anything you see on web page display. You can’t understand CSS and Javascript well without knowing HTML first. While it seems that HTML is a basic language compared to others (Python, SQL etc), HTML remains relevant for learning programming today.


CSS is a stylesheet language for describing the visual side or presentation of the document. CSS stands for Cascading Stylesheet. This controls the web page’s colour, padding and typography. It’s worth learning to learn CSS as it can help you understand Javascript.


React is a Javascript library used to build user interfaces. This library was developed by a Facebook employee, Jordan Walk, who faced a problem with incorporating ads on Facebook. An example of React in action is the counter update when liking an image on Instagram.

Front-end and Back-end Language


Javascript is a popular programming language that powers the animated and dynamic behaviour of a website. Here are the functions and uses of Javascript:

  • Display animations

  • Hide or show information by clicking a button

  • Slide a carousel of images of the homepage

  • Display a count-down or timer of a website

  • Play an audio or video of a website.

  • Zoom in or zoom out an image

  • Display a drop-down hamburger menu

  • Build server-side and web server applications with Node.js

  • Build games

Back-End Languages


No-SQL pertains to the programming language that doesn’t use tables, relations or joins. This language is used to handle problems faced by SQL on relations.  The following lists some of the situations where No-SQL outperforms SQL.

  • Catalogue

  • Content Management

  • Customer 360° view

  • Faster program development

  • Fraud detection

  • Internet of things

  • Mobile Applications

  • Need for Zero downtime and scale of traffic

  • Personalization

  • Profile Management

  • Real-time big data

Based on the above assumption, we can say that knowing No-SQL can bring benefits to your career. You can be employed by companies dealing with IoT, web and app development.


Structured Query Language is a computer language used to extract and manage data. One of its examples is the Select statement where SELECT iTEM1, item2, From the artist. The following list some of its uses.

  • Database Administrator

  • Data science

  • E-commerce

  • Journalism

  • Machine learning

  • Online banking

  • Railway reservations

  • Software engineering

  • Websites


Often confused with the non-venomous but constricting snake, Python was named after Monty python. The name came from the BBC’s show flying circus where actors made a funny name ‘Monty Python’. One of the advantages of Python is that it has a short learning curve since its syntax is similar to the English language. In the real world, you can use python for:

  • Artificial intelligence

  • Desktop GUI

  • Education

  • Graphic design programs and image processing

  • Machine learning

  • Operating system

  • Software Development

  • Web development

  • Web scraping apps

Knowing Python can help you get jobs on:

  • Data scientist

  • Data engineer

  • Software engineer

  • Data analyst


Java, not to be confused with Javascript and the Indonesian island of Java, this programming language is versatile as it can be used in a number of applications. Java has been long around for more than 15 years. The language has a similar syntax to English and few special characters and is therefore easy to learn. Java can be used to:

  • Build android apps

  • Build java web applications

  • Make software tools

  • Develop artificial intelligence

With Java skills, you can get employed as:

  • Software engineer

  • Game developer

  • Web applications developer

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