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11 Home-based and Online Jobs in the Philippines

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Advances in information technology opened numerous home-based jobs that made earning money ubiquitous – you can earn money anywhere and anytime – unlike traditional jobs. With a computer, speedy internet and mini office set-up you can start a home-based job. Here are the hottest home-based and online jobs in the Philippines.

Content and copywriter

A content writer refers to a person skilled in writing paragraphs or texts for the purpose of sharing information, entertaining readers, promoting a product and updating a website for search engine purposes (SEO). Copywriting pertains to content made solely for the purpose of marketing. Companies employ content and copywriters to fill up their landing and subpages.

Succeeding in this job requires you to be adept in grammar, search engine optimization (placing of keywords and article submissions), writing styles and editing. If you want to start a career in this field, you should have these skills:

  • Writing (fiction and nonfiction)

  • Editing techniques

  • Search engine optimization

  • Time management

  • Typing – 35 to 50 wpm

Technical Writer

A technical writer makes manuals of products and services that are easy to understand. You may write processes that explain how things work. You might use graphics tools such as Visio to complement texts. As a freelancer, you may work for software development companies, hospitals, food and beverage, and banks. The following are the skills needed:

  • Writing (grammar, editing, and styles)

  • Authoring tools such as Oxygen, Adobe RoboHelp, Microsoft Visio, and WordPress.

  • Graphic design tools – Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Snagit

  • Video editing tools – Powtoon and Prezi

Graphic designer

Websites won’t exist without those eye-catching abstract and realistic photos. Graphic design involves typography (text styling), creating infographics out of texts, editing photos, creating visual arts, making logos and creating page layouts. Graphic artists or designers work in advertising, media and web development companies. They can work in any company that needs graphics to advertise their product and services. To succeed in this job, you need to have skills in:

  • Graphics tools like the proprietary ones (adobe photoshop CC, illustrator) and open software (GIMP).

  • Typography (sans serif, times new roman)

  • Colour theory

Video Editor

Video editors make storyboards, cut or make videos, develop scripts and optimize the video content value. You may work with a scriptwriter to make stories made alive by videos. As a freelance video editor, you can set up a high-performance laptop and advertise your services on a job site. To succeed in this job, you need to have:

  • Mastery of these video editing software (proprietary) – adobe premiere pro, iMovie and vegas pro, and the open-source – light works, Shotcut, Openshot.

  • Time management skills

  • Colour correction skills

Home-based tutor or teacher

A home-based tutor or teacher is a person who teaches language lessons to a remote student. In this field, you may teach English grammar and pronunciation via skype or other VOIP programs. You’ll work with an online education company that provides lesson plans, time schedules, and students. Working as a home-based teacher will require you to have:

  • Strong grammar and pronunciation skills

  • The company approved the computer OS version

  • A speedy internet connection (above 5 Mbps)

  • Tidy home office (white background)

  • Time management skills

Web developer

Web development involves those people who design templates and write scripts or code that make a functional website. Web development constitutes various roles such as a front end and back end programmer. As a front end coder, you’ll code HTML, CSS, and Javascript along with libraries such as bootstrap and meteor. As a back end coder, you’ll spend time coding with javascript, PHP, Python, MySQL, Ruby, and Java. To get a start in this job, you should have:

  • Front end skills: HTML, CSS, Javascript, Libraries (Bootstrap, Meteor, Jquery)

  • Back end skills: Javascript, PHP, Python, MySQL, Ruby, Java, ASP.NET

  • Web hosting

  • Time management

Virtual Assistant

As a virtual assistant, you’ll serve as a remote secretary or personal assistant to a manager or CEO. Your remote boss might ask you to book a flight, transfer calls, deal with customers, research, design a logo, write a memo or content. Virtual assistant skills include a combo or one of these skills:

  • Customer service

  • Telephony

  • Writing

  • Editing

  • Technical writing

  • Graphic design

  • Video editing

  • Airline and logistics software

  • Time management

Data Analyst

Data Analyst turns texts and numbers into easy to digest charts, bar graphs, pie charts and other forms of data visualization. IT, logistics, food, and beverage companies use data visualization to forecast business trends, help in decision making and analyze spreadsheets. To work in this field, you’ll need the following skills:

  • Excel and open source spreadsheet (LibreOffice)

  • Data visualization (Tableau)


Moderators work to ensure that the website’s rules are followed. You might work for a forum, a video chat group or an adult site where you enforce the rules and ensure that conversations don’t lead to chaos. To succeed, you need to have these skills:

  • Knowledge of the website’s rules and policies

  • Sense of humour

  • Active listening

  • Attentive to client’s needs

  • Customer support

  • Emotional intelligence – Empathy and the ability to handle emotions

  • Negotiations

Social Media Specialist

The social media specialist assumes the role of social media moderation – posting texts, banners, posting ads, answering queries and updating status. You might handle a client’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest account to ensure that your client or company’s digital presence is optimized. To start as a social media specialist, have these skills on your to-do list:

  • Familiarity of social media sites – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin

  • Facebook Analytics

  • Content and copywriting

  • Graphic design – Infographics and logos.

Customer Support

Companies need remote customer support to save money from hiring in-house staff or making a separate customer support department. Doing this job involves answering inbound and outbound calls for clients in the logistics, electronics, insurance, airline, and healthcare industries. To succeed, these skills are necessary:

  • Telephony

  • Computer and internet operation

  • Typing

These top online jobs can be your main or sideline job depending on your pay, skill level and the size of your remote company or client. Online jobs bring the benefits of ubiquitous money-making abilities, extra income opportunities, an escape from traffic and skills enhancement opportunities. For a quick job search, here is the portal.

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