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12 Sofware Benefits for your Business

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In today’s digital or information technology-driven economy, software can bring blessings to your business. Whether you’re in healthcare or warehousing, you can find software like the project management tool beneficial for your business.

Business Benefits of a project management tool

  • Save time and money by automating routine tasks

Performing routine tasks can zap your overall team’s productivity when your group should be focusing on the most urgent and important tasks. Routine tasks that can be automated include:

  • Backing up files – Without the need for your undivided attention, your computer can get its automatic backup through cloud-based applications such as online storage and project management tools.

  • Posting to social media sites - You can post to social media at once by using automatic software.

  • Reminding of tasks – A project management tool can automatically send you reminders about when the deadline is and how many minutes/days are left before the deadline.

  • Responding to queries - You can do this using an autoresponder.

  • Updating networks – You can follow up networks by setting the exact time when your business can send messages to networks.

  • Cleaning your email - Some of the messages in your inbox are spam. Some emails can automatically clean these messages.

  • Improve team or staff efficiency

Without an efficient process, you can’t have an efficient team/staff. The software can help automate minor tasks while focusing on more important and urgent tasks. The mere uploading of word files and finding them through nested folders can be time-consuming if they are numerous and routine. On top of that, a slow computer and internet connection can make file sharing problematic. On the other hand, a cloud-based software PMT (Project Management Tool) can let you store and edit files in real-time and share them with your colleagues.

  • Communicate efficiently with staff, vendors, customers and business partners.

PMT and VOIP (voice over internet protocol) can help you connect with people involved in your business. For example, you can exchange texts, files, audio and music through VOIPs. You can configure through a PML software that can access or view the documents.

  • Digitise documents

A paperless office is a boon for your company as it can save you precious data. For example, if you’re in an engineering company, you’ll need to save thousands of photos, video blueprints from possible damage by flood, fungi and physical damage. You can save them for safekeeping and make them available for possible research and generations.

  • Better decision making

Some decisions are easier to make than others, especially if the outcomes can seriously affect the trajectory of business performance. A software can help you organize resources and delegate tasks to your colleagues, superiors and subordinates. When things under your control are manageable such as that organized resources and delegated tasks, you can make decisions easier.

  • Improve data security

Texts, photos, spreadsheets, passwords, vendors lists, audios and trade secrets – these are the things you must protect against authorised access whether it’s from within your company or hackers. One breach of your data security can lead to disastrous consequences such as loss of revenue, resources and valuable time. In this computing age, the software can help you protect your digital gems against people with nefarious intent. Most or all software requires more than just passwords. They use two-factor authentications such as sending codes to mobile numbers before you can access your account. Bank online accounts use one time passwords (OTPs) to ensure that you’re the real person accessing the account.

  • Improve data analysis

Data analysis refers to the process of collecting, analysing and transforming data (texts, images, numbers) into easy to understand tables and graphs. For example,  several search engines such as Bing, Google and Yandex produced Pandemic gazillions of COVID-19 data and turned them into real timeline and bar graphs. Such graphs gave us an update on whether humanity is winning against the unseen enemy – the SARS-COV2 virus. With the software in your toolbox, you can gather data and present them as digestible info for your team. And from that data analysis, you can make decisions or know whether your effort is reaching the desired outcome.

  • Provide better customer service

Efficient customer service equates to more positive customer service and thus more sales and revenue. An autoresponder chat, for example, can provide immediate answers to visitors and customers. Such chat is better than leaving a visitor at a loss if they have questions or concerns about your product and services.

  • Make operations seamless

In warehousing and business with physical stocks, software such as ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) or warehousing software can make operations seamless. For example, a paint supply company can benefit from ERP by digitising invoices that contain the customer’s name, product number, paint type and quantity. Likewise, an electronic health record (EHR) can keep records of patients (in and out), check medical history, retrieve medical records, and accurately provide essential healthcare services. All of such examples can make business operations of various industries seamless by reducing errors and increasing accuracy.

  • Track business progress

Some software such as data analytics, QuickBooks and Freshbooks can track if your business’s finance is heading in the right direction. Some software such as Gnuplot and R can display visually line graphs useful for financial and economic analysts. The trends, crests and throughs can help you understand whether your investments and profits are reaching your desired outcome.

  • Easy collaboration

If you’re an employer running a web development/software business, you can use a project management tool (PMT) to collaborate with your team, track their progress, exchange files and communicate.

As a team member, using a PMT you’ll be updated with assigned projects, track progress, know deadlines, receive and send files.  An easy collaboration makes your workflow efficient and reduces wasted time and money.

  • Computerise your company

The 21st century is an era of increased use of computers, digital goods and programs. Going digital can make your company updated and keep up with perpetual trends in IT and business. In other words, you can adapt to technological changes as software often includes yearly and monthly updates.

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