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7 Careers in Information Technology in 2021

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Information technology is among the industries with rising job market growth. Most or all companies use computers to process data, make graphics, manage communications and store data. New technologies such as drones and smartphones use artificial intelligence, and the internet of things combine sensors and household items such as appliances. If you’re going to college or planning to change careers, this is your guide.

Content writer

Content writers are wordsmiths or artists. They craft words that convey emotion and thinking. Most content writers work for web developing companies and SEO consulting companies. Some also work as a freelancer or part-timers. Content writers make blogs, articles and contents for landing pages.


  • Write contents for websites

  • Edit writing

  • Use keywords to optimise content.


Most content writers are graduates of liberal arts such as English, Sociology and Political Science. Any course will do as long you have an interest in writing.

Graphic artist

Graphic artists make posters, logos, icons, 3D figures, and videos. Their creativity goes to tarpaulins, toothpaste boxes, soap boxes, newspapers, social media, websites and YouTube sites. These talents work with copywriters, technical writers and web developers to produce a visually appealing website.


  • Make logos and posters.

  • Design banners and infographics.

  • Design graphic for the front-end.

  • Make videos for marketing, education and entertainment.


To be a graphic artist doesn’t mean you have to strictly get a fine arts education because some successful graphic artist has been from non-graphic design courses. Others established their careers through online-courses and practicing.

Database administrator

Database administrators (DBA) or data scientists are stewards of data or databases which refers to a collection of texts, numbers, photos, videos and any digital info you can think of. If you’re using Netflix and banking services, you’re already using the works of DBAs. These masters of data design tables, connect tables and manipulate tables. They also secure databases and make backups. This career doesn’t call for a strict computer science background but an interest in learning SQL and investing in a compatible laptop will help.


You can be a DBA by dedicating yourself to SQL and RDBMS. You may also opt to get a degree in computer science or an online learning degree from online schools.

Network administrator

Network administrators are professionals who deal with internet connections and other forms of wireless connectivity.  They work for various industries such as the government, retailers, hospitals, publishers, universities, the finance industry and software developers.


  • Budget assembly and equipment costs

  • Identify and solve problems in networks.

  • Maintain hardware and software and upgrade them if necessary.


Quality Assurance Tester

Quality assurance testers test and improve the usability of software and apps. Before the developer releases the program to the public or vendor, such software must be tested to make sure that it’s user experience and interface are user friendly. QA testers detect bugs and optimise the app to ensure quality software. They work in software and app development companies.


  • Analyse test results and report findings to the development team.

  • Correct bugs and errors

  • Document bugs and errors


Search Engine Optimiser

Search engine optimisers ensure that web pages are optimised for the search engine and the webpage itself. SEO uses keywords to make the site relevant to the common user’s searches. If you have been using a search engine, you have already typed “Favorite Sardine Pasta Recipes” or “New Smartphones for 2021”. SEOs work as consultants or work for IT companies and marketing agencies that offer SEO services.


  • Make keywords and integrate them into web pages.

  • Write content for web pages

  • Rank keywords

  • Monitor SEO rankings.


Technical writer

Technical writers combine the skills of writing and graphic design (diagrams and flowchart). They make technical documents easier and simple to read. If you read manuals of smartphones, motorcycles and laptops, you have already read their works.


  • Make manuals of a product or services.

  • Describe processes and technical details that are easy to read.

  • Make diagrams and graphics to complement texts.


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