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5 Web Development Techs used in 2021

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Web development technologies are fast changing. In the past, a handful of web technologies run the front and back-end. The rise in new programming languages, apps, instruments and hardware improvements in laptop and smartphone. Yearly, some new technologies will emerge that are either a modification, a partial modification or complete set of exiting techs. Here are trends for the 2021 and beyond.

1. Virtual reality and expanded reality

These two trends comprise of augmenting visual cues such as weather info, distance, global positioning system, time and anything you can think of info into vision. According to the Emarketer graph, the users of augmented reality increased from 37.6 to 85.0. For VR users (non-headset) from 22.5 to 57.1.

2. Python and Django

These two innovations are on the rise according to Stack Overflow Trends. Python is an object-oriented oriented and high-level programming language used for data science, web and software development. Django refers to the high-level web framework of Python. It’s open-source (free). Django helps you to make secure, complete, versatile, maintainable, scalable and complete software.

3. Laravel

Laravel refers to the open-source and free PHP framework used in web applications and web development. It’s used in the backend or the server-side such as order management, user accounts, exports and more functions unseen by the user. Framework means a collection of code, tools and utilities to provide you with a guide or structure when you write code.

4. Ruby on Rails

RoR is a backend programming language authored by the Danish programmer David  Heinemeier Hansson. It’s popular because of its advantages such as:

  • Ease of use

  • Open use

  • Easily extendable

  • Less coding which means few bugs

  • Rich libraries

  • Real object-oriented.

5. Blockchain

Blockchain comprises a system or method or recording info that is made impossible to hack, cheat or change. Likewise, it’s a digital ledger or a type of distributed ledger technology. An example of blockchain is Bitcoin and Ehtereum. Blockchain consist of the following properties:

  • Anonymous – The participant’s identity is anonymous.

  • Distributed – Network participants have their copies of ledgers for complete transparency.

  • Immutable – Validated records are fixed and unchangeable.

  • Programmable – Example of a programmable is smart contracts.

  • Time-stamped – For every transaction, it’s recorded per block by the timestamp.

  • Unanimous – All participants agree to each record’s validity.

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