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All app updates on Play Store must target Android 8.0 and above

Starting November 1, Google Play Store will no longer allow developers to upload an app update that doesn’t target Android versions 8.0 or higher. This is also applicable to every app that is currently on Play Store.

Google now forces app creators and developers to make their apps compatible with the latest Android version. This is mostly due to the fact that most app developers usually skip optimizing their app to the newest Android version for two reasons: the new APIs are not a priority for developers (simply because it takes too long for the latest Android version to reach phones), or the app keeps targeting an old version of Android on purpose.

As a result, these apps end up behaving weird, with issues such as battery drainage, spam notifications, and use of unnecessary permissions without asking for user’s consent. Worst, it results in force closing or crashing of the app.

This is not a surprise, not even a rush for developers because Google has announced the deadlines for targeting API 26 last December 2017, that since August, app developers were not able to upload new apps targeting Android Nougat or lower to the Play Store. Therefore, starting from August 2019, new apps will have to support at least API level 28 (Android 9 Pie), and the same will apply to app updates from November 2019. Apps which don’t meet these standards cannot be uploaded.

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