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4-Step Guide To Building the App that will change your Business Forever

Tired about running your business and feel like nothing is changing and everything now seems to be stagnant?

In this era when most people own smartphones and gadgets, so having a mobile app for your business is definitely a game-changer, especially if you want your business to shine.

Making an app is a whole process that requires you to take one step at a time. Here’s our 4-step guide to building the app that will change your business forever.

1. Plan and Strategize

The first thing you have to do is ask yourself what your goals for your business are. Do you want to expand or reach a new set of audience? Do you want to finally reach the global market or just sustain the local one? The possibilities are endless so a good app needs proper strategizing.

Once you’ve decided the goals of your business and your app, your strategy begins with an outline of the desired performance and user experience. You have to know, and must be persistent on what your app will really do, so you can plan everything from the most crucial feature, to the must-haves, and to the just nice-to-have features. By plotting these all out, you determine the success rate of your app.

Next is conducting a competitive analysis of similar apps that will give you an overview of what is currently working and what is not. You have to keep in mind that in order to make your app successful in the market, it has to be simple to use, yet visually engaging.

2.  Design and Develop

It’s now time to design your app. You can look for other apps, not to copy them but to use them as an inspiration. Remember to focus on the UI design as it plays a vital role in the success of an app. The multi-touch gestures for touch-enabled devices, and platform design standards are also things to consider.

You’ll also need to identify an approach to develop the app, whether it will be native, web or hybrid, depending on the time and budget that you have. Native apps enable you to deliver the best user experience, but require significant time and skill for development. Web apps are not only quick and cheap to develop but can also run on multiple platforms. The hybrid technique, which mixes the other approaches is the actually the current trend right now.

3. Deployment and maintenance

Once your app has been developed, it is now ready to be submitted. Pick a date for its grand launch, and prepare for it. After it has been launched, you’ll need to do app maintenance, and that requires testing every now and then. You’ll need a team that will check its usability, compatibility, and performance, to make sure that everything is aligned, not only with your goals but also for your users.

4. Market your App

Most people think that when the app is already available in the App or Play Stores, success will now be coming in no time. However, these people are overlooking an important aspect of the business, which is marketing.

Remember that there are thousands of app available in the stores. You have to do another fair share of hard work to get the attention of potential users and shift the market towards your favor.

For this to become a reality, you need not only a good, but also a reliable app developer who understand your business requirements and can make the best decisions for your business and your app. We, at Web Outsourcing Gateway Incorporated, can do that for you. Web Outsourcing Gateway is a one-stop source of high-quality web services in the Philippines specializing in the fields of Web Development and Design, Mobile Application Development, Multilingual Websites, Internet Marketing, Web Maintenance and Consulting. We can help you build your mobile app and achieve your business goals. You can check our official website here:

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