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Virtual Reality: The Next Big Thing on Web Design?

We already reached six weeks into the year 2017 and somewhat there are still talks of which style (or styles) will rule the web design trending list. Sure, we have seen the artsy hippest offerings (big bold typeface, open composition, asymmetry, and cohesive experiences) and the obvious resemblances of the modernization (micro-interactions, AI-powered bots, and conversational interfaces).

But with the world of web development making innovations from time to time, this two-word item might be the loudest of them all come the later part of the year: virtual reality.

Virtual reality has spawned the imagination of gamers and developers for decades. It has been first known as part of the our favorite applications world and was brought to the higher grounds in the recent years. The proliferation of these advanced-technology headsets probably sparked the changing of the game from the Oculus Rift to Samsung VRMicrosoft Hololens, and Google Cardboard.

So it’s no surprise that its popularity skyrocketed to mainstream in 2016. And probably it could reach beyond stratosphere if websites will start to adapt the kind of setup. The good news, though, is that everyone can possibly experience how virtual reality works, be it on either desktop web browser or mobile.

Need a proof?  How about this home page of the Peugeot 208 “Catch The Dragon” promo campaign as our example?

Another one is this project from AWWARDS.

It is undeniable that virtual reality has been developing rapidly. The experiments like WebVR, MozVR, and AFrame are making progresses and were accessible for everyone to witness a forthcoming revolution that promises them to be driven to another dimension. You add another advancement called 360o video into the picture and it could draw massive awesome awes from majority of the internet population. And more brands are apparently giving VR a try and somewhat it made an impact.

Virtual Reality is somewhat a huge help for businesses make a connection with their customers in such an incredible and interactive way. Talk about having an instant tour at the expense of either your fingertips or by the hover of your mouse.

However, VR web has some flaws to address, too. There will be a lot of tweaking when it comes to having responsive web designs. And frankly, not every single browser can adapt (if not easily adapt) to the advancement. Bandwidth issues regarding the capability of videos (which are mostly have 4K resolution) and even browsing crash reports might be a regular occurrence.

That said, the question remains: Could VR could be the next biggest thing in web design for 2017? Will it raise the bar of our perception in surfing the Internet or will it turn out to be just another fad? These are something we have to find out very soon.

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