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2017: Top 10 Gadgets to Expect

The Year of the Rooster has finally arrived! They say it can be a symbol of new beginnings and so the world of technology has tons of surprises for you this 2017.

10. Flowmotion Smartphone Stabilizer

Smartphone Stabilizer, developed by Flowmotion ONE, will turn a lot of people into a professional videographer this new year. It is not your usual selfie stick because it is the world’s most versatile smartphone stabilizer. There is an advance tracking technology and also fits other kinds of cameras.

Flowmotion ONE believes that significant memories must be captured in a smooth way.

9. Rocketbook Everlast Notebook

In order to experience a mix of both classic pen and paper, and digital technology, Rocketbook is launching its Everlast notebook. Everlast works with any pen from Pilot Frixion, which perfectly glides to the sheets of this digital notebook. And yes, this is just economical because you can just wipe the sheets with a moist towel in order to use the sheets again. It can be used several times. Together with these pen and notebook, Rocketbook will also be launching an app whichd can instantly digitize those writings and automatically upload them in Google Drive, Dropbox, or Evernote.

Isn’t it cool?

8. Segway Robot

Segway Robot is a fusion of a hover board and a robot. With just a click, it can understand a variety of voice commands, move and follow its owner, and record and send a video. It can also be your travel companion.

This technology was made possible by the collaboration of two tech companies, Intel and Ninebot. If you know Baymax from Big Hero 5, would you be glad to know that this is the start of his evolution? Let’s wait for the future to come.

7. Aero-x

Aero-X is an affordable low-altitude vehicle. So if you’re having trouble in roads, try this new ride. It drives 45 miles per hour and floats 10 feet off the ground. It is perfect if you’re traveling in the desert.

It seems like flying cars are now on their way to our garage.

6. X-box Scorpio Project

Upon its launching, Microsoft is claiming that X-box Scorpio will be the most powerful console ever, snatching the title from another hardcore game console. It features 6 Teraflops of graphical processing power, true 4K gaming, and compatibility with Xbox One games and accessories, making it easy to assemble. Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox, is the one who revealed that their team will launch Project Scorpio in the fall of 2017.

5. Nintendo Switch

For Nintendo fans, March 2017 will surely be a blast. Nintendo Switch promises both a portable and a wired console in one. Whether you are a home gamer, or one who loves to play anywhere or anytime, Nintendo assures you that all can be done, in just one switch.

4. iPhone8

There had been rumors for an upcoming release of a new iPhone. According to some reports, if the new iPhone will be released, it will surely be a fresh start not only for the company but also for the avid fans of iPhone. The rumored iPhone 8 is said to have an all-glass design, an organic LED display for better images, no home button, new screen sizes, and more unique features. 2017 will also mark the tenth anniversary for Apple.

3. Gatebox

How does it feel to have a virtual life partner? Gatebox, created by the Japanese, is made to monitor its master and the house. Gatebox includes sensors with camera, microphone, motion sensor, and touch buttons. With the image f a kawaii girl, she even texts its master every now and then, just like a normal human being.

The cute 3D hologram person is a unique character of Gatebox. Named Azuma Hikari, she is said to have a distinct personality, two voices, hobbies, likes/dislikes, and even a dream. If Azuma will be a success, this sure will be a starting point in creating futuristic lifetime partners.

2. Cicret Bracelet

Upon the release of the video, more than two years ago, Cicret Bracelet has gotten its viral introduction in the World Wide Web. Being a bracelet that transforms your skin into an instant tablet or smartphone, this gadget will surely change the industry upon its release. They will be accepting pre-orders in early 2017.

1. Hololens

“Half virtual, half reality.” This is what Hololens is promising the world. Microsoft developed a holographic computer gadget which can fuse both holographic images with your real surroundings. It is also made up of multiple sensors, advanced optics, and custom holographic processing units that will enable us to see everything using the virtual glasses.

The future sure is a scene to behold. Buckle up for 2017 will sure bring a technological breakthrough.

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