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Year-end Report: The Top 10 Viral Releases of 2016

The Top 10 Viral Releases of 2016

A few weeks from now, 2016 will come to an end, but before that happens, we enlisted the top 10 releases, from the latest gadgets to the controversies that shocked 2016.

10.) PS4 Pro: “The most powerful console”

Sony released the latest Playstation console last November 10. PS4 Pro boasts of a higher resolution that is 1080p to 1440p better than the previous versions. It is also proud of its 4 teraflops of power, which entitles PS4 Pro to its claim of being the most powerful console in the market today.

What makes this latest Sony release more powerful is the addition of another USB post for the connection of another innovation, the Playstation VR.

But its biggest competitor, Microsoft Xbox, is currently working on Project Scorpio, which promises 6 teraflops of power.

9.) Exercise your freedom of information

Freedom of Information.

On November 25, the Philippines launched the Freedom of Information official website wherein the public has now access to the documents, reports, and projects of different government agencies.

8.) Vine no more!

The Vine App allowed users to record a six-second video that can be posted on their Vine and Twitter accounts. But 3 years after Vine was launched, Twitter has finally decided to shut down the app. Vine had a hard time competing with established video and photo-sharing  apps like Instagram and Snapchat.

Twitter has actually acquired the app Periscope (, a live streaming app that let’s you broadcast and experience live videos.

7.) FBI’s Hacking Authority

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) of the United States of America has recently expanded its surveillance capacity. The Bureau is now allowed to hack any computer in the country, whether public or private.

6.) SYNC Travel’s Virtual Tour

Last October 26, 2016, KDDI Corp. and NAVITIME Japan Co., Ltd. released their latest addition to the virtual reality technology. SYNC Travel allows you to travel even without going out of your house or standing up from your couch. It is connected to a 360-degree camera held by tour guides in various places like Germany, Australia and the United States. KDDI has also released Sync Dreams for a virtual classroom experience and Sync Dinner for a romantic long-distance candle-light treat for couples.

5.) Google Maps controversies

Last November 9, the controversial change of the name of the Heroes Cemetery in Taguig, Philippines to Libingan ng mga Bayani at Isang Magnanakaw (Cemetery of Heroes and a Burglar) happened.

It was changed right after the Supreme Court of the Philippines allowed the burial of former President Ferdinand Marcos, the ruler who declared Martial Law in the Philippines.

Aside from the “Libingan ng mga Bayani”, the Trump Towers in New York, Manhattan was also changed into “Dump Towers.” The said building was said to be U.S President Donald Trump’s transition headquarters.

Google Maps has this feature wherein users are able to change or edit information on the app. The name of the places are now backt to their original names.

4.) Broadcast yourself live through Facebook Live

Last April 6, 2016, one of the most influential social media sites  launched the new Facebook Live. It is the newest way of sharing what’s happening around you at that specific moment. This new feature has been beneficial specially to news and media outfits as a new medium to broadcast information around the world.

3.) The No-Earphone-Jack Iphone 7

Last September 7, 2016, Apple announced the release of a new version of their phone.  Iphone 7 boasts of a 12-megapixel advanced main camera and a 7-megapixel front camera. It also has a stereo audio system and claims to have longer battery life (additional 2 hours). Apple is also proud of their 256gb phone.

But what made the biggest fuzz was the bold removal of the 3.5 earphone jack. A lot of memes about this appeared on social media since the big announcement.

Aside from iPhone 7, Apple also released iPad Pro last March. The new Apple tablet came in two new models. You can choose between the 12.9 inch model or the new 9.7 inch model.

2.) Gotta catch ‘em all! Pokemon Go!

If you once dreamed of becoming a Pokemon trainer then you are one of those people who became addicted to this gaming app, which was released last July 6, 2016. Pokemon Go is an augmented reality game that can be downloaded in both iPhone and Android phone. Turning on your GPS and internet connection, you can now walk around and find your favorite Pokemon and make it evolve. You can also join a team wherein you can play in a battle. The gyms are also found in real locations in the world.

But what made the game more popular are the outstanding effects it brought to the players. The video above shows how addicting the game was.

1.) Oh! Philippines


It is the time of the year when Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) are either going home or simply staying in the countries where they are currently working.

In order to help them fight homesickness, Web Outsourcing Gateway (WOG) is launching their OFW app really soon.

Oh! Philippines is an all-in-one entertainment app, specifically made for OFWs. The app contains the following features to bring OFWs closer to home:

  • Love Stories and Love Advice

    • Here is a venue where app users contribute their own romantic stories for everyone to enjoy.
  • Oh Travel

    • This feature of the app give tips and advice to different destinations around the world. Users can also contribute their own travel stories here.
  • Oh! Chat

    • An alternative chat mobile application which gives chatting a whole new experience
  • Ask Attorney

    • OFWs can ask our resident lawyer regarding their legal concerns.
  • Oh! Laugh

    • Our new and improved Oh! Laugh will feature trending original Filipino memes.
  • Oh! Tube and Oh! Karaoke

    • Our premium users can experience karaoke in their own mobile phones.
  • Horoscope

    • We also have new offers for our horoscope feature in the app.
  • Others

    • We also have other features like the Pinoy Foodie, Oh! News, etc.

You may visit for more details. Download the app now!

2017 is fast approaching. The world is now just waiting on what the Rooster year can offer the tech aficionados.

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