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NBA Players Who Can Be Programmers, Graphic Designers, or Content Writers

Mainstream athletes, such as NBA (National Basketball Association) players, receive a lot of love and respect from fans. Women go crazy for them, men admire them, and kids grow up wanting to be just like them. In the court of academics, however, they sort of have the same reputation as blondes (Google “blonde jokes” if you didn’t catch that).

It’s a good reason why we tend to be surprised and curious when we hear about the Jeremy Lins, Bill Bradleys, etc. of the world. Also, having an Ivy League-level of intelligence and an NBA-level of basketball skills is just too much, but let’s not digress.

Moving on…

Aside from hoping that the team we root for wins, our main concern when watching the game is usually the quality of play.
“Can they dunk the ball?”
“Can they shoot well?”
“How high can they jump?”
“How fast can they run?”
“How well can they play together?“

…things like that. If you have been a certified aficionado of the league/sport all your life, like some of us, there’s a good chance that your mind will wander into strange questions or scenarios at some point – things that are miles and miles away from the sport.

Let’s be specific: have you ever wondered which NBA players can be in your field of work?

In our case, it will be the complex realm of Information Technology and website creation.

Web Programmers, Designers, and Content Writers: how mind-blowing will it be to know that your favourite NBA players can relate to your job, sit down with you, and discuss PHP coding, CSS, logo designs, grammar structures, etc.?

We did the research and listed the players who can. Let’s get this one rolling.

The Programmers:

Chris Bosh

He is a 13-year veteran, 11-time all-star, and 2-time NBA champion who currently plays for the Miami Heat. Though he only studied for one year in Georgia Institute of Technology, his love and knowledge for coding has been well-documented, especially in’s YouTube channel. According to Bosh, his interest in the industry stemmed from his Mother owning a software company.

Gordon Hayward

As the leader and rising star of the Utah Jazz, Hayward is known as a versatile and hard-nosed player. During his recruitment going into college, he famously chose Butler University because the schedule of practices would not hamper his studies with Computer Engineering. The subjects on the degree can be very demanding, as it requires a lot of critical thinking, problem-solving, and computer programming skills.

Rajon Rondo

Much like Hayward, Rajon Rondo was a Computer Engineering major in college. The often-erratic, triple double machine Point Guard from Kentucky University also possess the skillset for math and programming languages. His analytical skills is also quite notable, as seen in this clip of him obliterating opponents in a competitive game of Connect Four.

Sasha Kaun

Yep, his name sounds like the pop singer from the 80s and early 90s.
At 6’11, 255lbs., Kaun’s built fits the typical defensive, dirty worker of a team, a role which he had always played. While at Kansas University, he was consistently the fan favorite, thanks to his shot-blocking abilities. It is also where he earned a national championship, a degree in Computer Science, and a special academic recognition.

The Graphic Designers:

Kyle Korver

The Ashton Kutcher-lookalike has been a career-long designated shooter, whether it’s high school, college, or the NBA. Upon finishing a degree in Visual Communications at Creighton University and building a solid career in the pro level, he created his own clothing line, Seer Outfitters, where he does the designs, graphics, and more.

Kyle Singler

Different Kyle, same skills.
A current member of Oklahoma City Thunder’s version of the “Bench Mob,” Singler is a good hustle player with a sweet touch from the three point line. The former basketball star of Duke University guided the school to a national championship in 2010, en route to finishing a degree in Visual Arts. He exercised his expertise in his field by designing team murals and creating various types of logos.

Quick fun fact: The team they beat for the title was the Gordon Hayward-led Butler University Bulldogs.

The Content Writers:

CJ McCollum

Despite having a natural scoring ability, the league’s Most Improved Player for the 2015-2016 season can be considered a rarity in today’s breed of young stars — he was an unranked in high school prospect who carried an often-unranked college team (Lehigh University) in his back.
In addition to that, he continually forego being drafted high in the NBA to finish his English degree. He went on to be among the sports journalists’ favorites when he stated in interviews his love for writing and his desire to be one when his playing days are over.
McCollum is currently an editor and contributing writer for The Players Tribune, a website where athletes publish stories about sports, life, and more.

Jeff Green

This do-it-all Forward is a proud product of Georgetown University, one of America’s most respected schools, be it basketball or academics. While leading the Hoyas to multiple NCAA tournament appearances during his stay, he majored in English and minored in Theology. After completing his degree in 2012, 5 years after turning pro, Green said that his passion for writing and desire to get a diploma drove him to persevere over the challenging schedule of the NBA and his studies.

Kyrie Irving

With his great ball-handling and inside-out offensive abilities, Irving is a regular in various highlight reels. The Australian-born basketball star went to perennial NCAA basketball powerhouse Duke University, where he became teammates with one of the guys in our list, Kyle Singler.
He enrolled as a Journalism major, saying that he had always loved everything about writing. It was evident when he revealed in an interview a journal that he’s been keeping since his younger days – a journal where the content could be everything under the sun.

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