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Augmented & Virtual Reality: The Latest Trends in the Digital World

Getting tired of sitting on your couch while watching your home team’s much-awaited match or playing your favorite video game? Why not try joining them at the very moment?

Software developers have been creating computer-generated realities in the form of augmented reality and virtual reality. Day-to-day objects may now pop out of our screens that can possibly make us involved in a simulated activity.

Developers have really done quite a lot of technological innovations and advancement for the past decades. Let’s find out how much they have been working on altering the world in front of us.

What is Augmented Reality?

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Augmented reality (AR) is a fusion of artificial reality and real life. Developers can create programs which can add another layer of  “reality”to what can be seen through the naked eye. Users may interact or modify the objects seen in an AR. However, it does not take us some place else, rather, the presence of objects around us are augmented. It is easier to distinguish the real world from the augmented reality and users can interact to both AR and the real world at the same time.

Gadgets with cameras, such as mobile phones and tablets, are the usual devices used to combine the real world and the AR. These devices are commonly used to pop out 3D photos, architecture designs, and even multimedia e-mails. Some companies, however, have developed wearable AR devices for a better and more precise AR experience.

Wearable AR devices, such as goggles or glasses, grants the user access to the artificial world. It is a headset with a clear set of glasses placed in front of the eyes that allows the user to roam around anywhere while seeing other things. Imagine yourself in an empty room and as you turn on the device, the space is slowly being filled with virtual objects. You can design the room by adding furniture and moving it around with a flick or resizing it by gesturing your fingers.


One of the famous AR devices include the Hololens by Microsoft. It gives the user the power to control what he can see under the Hololens. Here, a player is seen to be bringing his Minecraft design to life.

© Cyzone

Pokemon Go, an upcoming AR game by Nintendo, will be available in iOS and Android devices sometime this 2016. The player will be able to see Pokemons through his phone screen and catch it, much like the Pokemon games in Nintendo devices only this time, it’s more real.

© Playpark

What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality (VR) gives the user a unique artificial reality experience by being transported to another reality while being still in the same place. The computer generated VR totally immerses the user by taking over their senses and cutting them off from the real world.

VR usually needs a head mounted device which completely blocks the entire external environment of the user and allows them to focus on the reality that is generated through the device. It is intensely immersive and lets the user enter an entirely different reality.

Other functions of the VR  include simulations of certain scenarios, wherein users are able to perform a dry-run of the possible circumstances for such — the most common are emergency/disaster and flight simulations.


Oculus Rift is a much awaited VR gear of the public. It is said to provide a remarkable experience in the world of VR and give a chance for users to be deeply involved in the world that Oculus Rift can offer.

© Gamez

Famous games like Grand Theft Auto are also upgrading their systems to be at par with the latest VR technology.

© IT Network

The Future Reality

Some AR and VR devices are not yet commercially sold. AR and VR companies usually deal with other companies who intend to develop applications related to the service. The public has yet to wait for a better version of the artificial realities.

With augmented and virtual realities, people will have a whole new experience when it comes to gaming, entertainment, and even in the scientific field. Medical and architectural advancements have been successful with the help of these technologies.  It has a lot of potential which may create limitless innovations in whatever field it may choose to work on. Truly, human imagination has no limit. Developers have only dreamed of this technology in the past but now, it is a rising industry with the ability to blend the real world and artificial world in one view.

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