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Tips on How to Market Mobile Apps Effectively

Considering the recent boom in profit and usage of mobile apps — not to mention the rise of smartphone/tablet sales — it is quite understandable to see mobile developers and businesses be eager in trying to blend in and ride the wave.

One thing we all have to remember, though: the overall creation of the app is one thing, marketing it is another.

With millions of them already existing and thousands being released everyday, how can your app get (at least) some spotlight?

We listed a few tips on how can you market your mobile application effectively:

1. Build your app a home.

By “home,” we mean website. This will act as one of your main online presence. Be sure to have a relevant domain name and a content that’s SEO-optimized. Moreover, try not to repeat what’s already in the app description.

2. Give a sneak peek of what your app is all


Try doing fun, promotional videos about your app. Make it short but appealing – a 15 to 20-second video clip will do. This will be a quick way to attract and at the same time spread your brand and product.

3. Prepare press kits.

Have your press kit ready for submission and include all the important elements, such as the app’s website, promotional video, download link, etc.

4. Contact bloggers and beta testers who

can review your app.

Another effective way of marketing your app is by letting people test and review it. Bloggers and beta testers can help you with that. They can be your app’s potential word-of-mouth marketers. Consider submitting your app to these popular sites for an app review:

5. Promote your app in Social Media.

Make your mobile application known in all the corners of social media. Post about the latest updates on the app and/or some industry-related content.

6. Make use of App Store Optimization.

ASO is the process of optimizing your app to rank higher in the search results. Among the things you will learn by researching about app store optimization is the importance of coming up with a distinctive name for your app, as it is the first thing that your potential users will see. Observe the usage of your keywords as well.

7. Go offline.

Last but definitely not the least, go preach about your mobile app in your family, friends, and associates. Talk about why you’re app is so great and why they should download it.

It’s indeed a tough task to make your app rise above the long list of challenges. Exerting your best efforts in marketing your mobile app is a must.

Remember: good reviews and a significant increase in downloads are definite signs of hard work paying off, but it doesn’t end there. Don’t be satisfied with making a mark, make the most out of it and maintain it.

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