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Periscope and Meerkat: The Future of Real Time Streaming

Periscope and Meerkat: The Future of Real Time Streaming

It was said that 2015 was the year when live-streaming boomed in the cyberspace scene. Live-streaming isn’t really new to one’s ear as it is typically being done in the field of journalism, but the idea of putting it into an app and making it easier to do piqued everyone’s interest.  Although there are other apps that offer live video streaming, these two apps, namely Meerkat and Periscope, seem to be in a tough competition ever since.

Let’s take a look at what these two apps can offer.

1. Periscope – “Explore the world through someone else’s eyes”

It is available in both iOS and Android platforms was developed by Kayvon Beykpour and Joe Bernstein.

The potential of the app caught Twitter’s eye, which lead to the social media site’s acquisition in January 2015 and the app’s official release in March of the same year. By August, Periscope have made quite the buzz and was able to reach 10 million users. Their great year was then capped off by winning Apple’s iPhone App of the Year award.

Periscope users are called “Scopers,” while the broadcasting is called “Periscoping”.

To enjoy Periscope, you have to sign in via Twitter where it automatically imports your personal information to the app.

Main Features:

1.  Share live broadcast videos.

2.  Allow the viewers to post their comments via chat.

3.  Viewers can “heart” the broadcaster’s stream, which is equivalent to liking the video.

4.  There’s an option where a broadcast can be set privately by clicking the lock icon and choose the viewers before going live.

5.  Finished video streams are available for online replay for 24 hours.


1.  Periscope supports both portrait and landscape video orientation.

2.  Users can pin their current location.

3.  Definitely a user-friendly app! It’s easy to use with its fast interface and superior visual experience.

4.  Videos can be saved after a live stream ends.


1.   It only works well on Twitter and is not integrated to other networking sites (i.e. Facebook)

2.  The comments disappear instantly.

3.  It can take up your phone battery’s life faster than the usual.

2. Meerkat -  “Live Stream Video.”

It is available for iOS and Android platforms and was developed by Life On Air, Inc.

The app was launched in February 2015, making them a month older than Periscope.

Among their key selling points is the variety of tools they have to further ease the Meerkat experience, which included a cloud storage and the ability to watch from an internet browser.

Meerkat users are called “Meerkatters,” while the broadcasting is called Meerkatting.

Main Features:

1.   Share live-broadcast streams.

2.   Save stream in Meerkat library.

3.   Viewers can “like” the broadcaster’s stream.

4.   Meerkat added a feature called Cameo, wherein the broadcaster is allowed to choose one viewer who can take over the stream for up to 60 seconds.

5.   Viewers can re-stream any video stream to their followers.


1.    It’s easier to sign up and create an account in Meerkat, requiring only your phone number, password and a display photo of your choice.

2.   Meerkat is now integrated with Facebook which allows a bigger audience to view your broadcast.

3.   It has two options of streaming: Stream and Scheduled. In Scheduled, Meerkat lets users schedule broadcast by setting the time the stream will go live and adding a cover photo to it.


1.   Visually cluttered than Periscope.

2.  Meerkat only supports portrait video orientation.

3.   It is no longer integrated with Twitter (Twitter owns Periscope, Meerkat’s direct competitor).

Uses of Both Apps

The major users of these apps are teenagers and young professionals but they aren’t just for sharing fun stories or whatnot. They can be a useful tool to build a stronger image, communicate to your clients, and promote your services in real time.

Here are some efficient ways to use Periscope and Meerkat for your business:

1.   Announcements – Share your company’s news live to your audience.

2.   Behind the Scenes – Allow the viewers to take a quick look on what’s happening in your company.

3.   Product Demonstrations – Show your viewers how to operate a particular product.

4.   Q&A Sessions – Answer questions asked by the viewers to clarify concerns and further promote your product/brand.

5.   Share Customer Feedback – The company may ask its customer for feedback regarding their products and services.


Even though Meerkat was the first one to enter the market, it cannot be denied that Periscope made two steps further to the popularity ladder. While the concept of both applications is the same, they still differ with each other in so many ways. Whether you prefer Meerkat to Periscope or vice versa, one thing is for sure, these two apps did a good job in bringing the live-streaming industry into new heights.

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