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Reach Your Target Market Through These E-Mail Marketing Tips

Writing a letter has never been this profitable.

E-mail marketing is known to be one of the most personal forms of advertising. Over the past few years, it was overstated to be languish and futile. However, taking advantage on its personalized attribute, e-mail has revived and has proven its efficiency in reaching your potential leads’ inboxes, especially the privy readers and internet introverts.

Statista, an online statistics portal, revealed that Facebook has 1.49 billion monthly active users as of the 2nd quarter of 2015. In contrast, there are 2.6 billion estimated e-mail users worldwide as of 2015, according to a technological market research firm Radicati Group. This humongous number apparently gave birth to the idea of direct marketing while maintaining the soft-selling attribute of copywriting.

Just like any other online marketing channels, a promotional e-mail requires a mindful content and solid copywriting. True, it is easy to ignore, delete, or mark e-mail as spam; but in your recipients’ inboxes, your message has a greater chance of being read compared to social media—but these two are both effective marketing channels. Before you write your draft, hang on and ponder some of our tips that would make your reader open that e-mail you have been composing in your head right now.

1. Make the reader open it. Those few words you will write in the subject line would create the first impression. It has the power to make yours the most prominent among any email in their inboxes. While some create taglines, or put a call-to-action in the subject line, make yours unique. It is the prologue of the main message. Arouse their curiosity and make them read the main content.

2. Add some personal touch. Make it sound personal and conversational even if it’s intended for promotion. What would you likely read: an effortful e-mail from an old friend, an obvious lazy promotional e-mail blast, or a spate of e-mail notification from a social networking site in your box? According to Marketing Profs, most e-mail template has “placeholder tags”—a feature where you can change the name of the recipient. It takes time, but why not?

3. Humanize. This is the other option if you can’t do number two. Build trust and rapport by putting a human image in your e-mail marketing. For example, some internet marketers indicate the CEO’s name as sender to make an impression that the CEO of the company is exchanging e-mails with your recipient. Or if not, put your name as marketer. It adds credibility and warmth to your e-mail.

4. Brevity is the key. Respect the time of your readers. As the banality goes, keep it short and simple. It’s the only way to deal with the readers’ short attention span. More so, it is easier to retain concise messages.

5. Connect the content. Does your content make sense at all? Satisfy what you have written in your subject line. Make your content relevant. In all kinds of writing, it is important to answer the questions “so what?” and “why.” Also, do not promote at all times. There is no harm in sharing inspiring and informative stories.

6. Don’t be too aggressive. Send those e-mails ideally at most once or twice a day. Put yourself in the shoe of an email reader. One will lose enthusiasm reading consecutive and multiple emails from same source. Otherwise, your bulky email will land the spam folder. Take it as an advantage on your part, too. Limiting your email count can conserve your ideas for future use.

7. Write what’s true. Do not deceive your customer. If you talked about giving free samples or offering discounts, you’d have to live up to that claim. Would you trick them with the small font payment dues at the bottom of the copy, or treat them as serious buyers? Hoodwinking would ruin your customers’ loyalty for sure.

8. Attach nothing. Is there a need for attachment if the message is already in the copy? Instead, put links that can bolster your promotion.

Bon Voyage! All our e-mail marketing tips have been sent!

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