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Warning Signs of a Bad Web Consultant

“Web consultant” is the term often used to generally describe web designers, web developers, SEO specialists, and the like – what each of those professions do is basically self-explanatory. Considering how important websites are today, regardless of what industry the owner is in, these consultants have their work cut out for them. An entire company is relying on their skills; what they do can make it or break it. So, that begs the question: “How do you know if your web consultant is not worth it?” Let’s find out some of the warning signs.

Keep in mind that these are just warning signs; having these traits do not indicate that the web consultant is incapable of doing an efficient job.


First of all, unless the potential is that good and everything is credible, never hire a web consultant who’s quick to give a quote but slow or unable to give any legit work samples. Make sure that you see a portfolio, don’t settle for all the sales talk no matter how alluring it is. Now, if they indeed show one, be careful to not overlook certain things, check its legitimacy, and make them confirm every claim or detail they present. If everything checks out, then you all can most likely move forward. If it doesn’t check out, it’s a definite warning sign. Although it might not sound or look good for the consultant(s), they are likely to understand that it’s part of the business. In this type of transactions, where a lot is on the line, you have to be on the safe side all the time.


Do not be swayed with enticing numbers. As soon as the consultant(s) explain their expectations, ask yourself how possible it is. Can your site really garner that amount of traffic, rank that high in search engines, or collect that much profit in that timespan? Bad web consultants set those expectations merely because most clients tend to be attracted to it. They set high outlooks without considering everything that’s within that path. Great consultants, on the other hand, are usually smart enough to give you something that’s realistic and doable. Why? For one, they know that setting it high can get them fired if it’s not reached. And two, it’s simply the right thing to do. Moreover, it also tells you that they are in it for the long haul. Again, it’s a step-by-step process, and even though skipping that process is possible in the industry, but it’s easier said than done. The site has to be THAT GOOD just to even get a chance of being an overnight success.


This, right here, is a “relative” of the above. If the consultant(s) you are talking to sets big, unrealistic-sounding expectations with vague-sounding plans, it’s more than a warning sign and a red flag. When this and the previous item is present in the conversation, you’re probably looking at the wrong individual(s). What you do involves a lot of direct-to-the-point planning, execution, and a lot of complex things. The consultant(s) should know not to waste your time with explanations that are too vague or hard to understand. Bad web consultants tend to beat around the bush because they will likely plan everything on the fly; they are basically there to make you sign on the dotted line. Good web consultants, on the other hand, lay it out as it is. Right off the bat, they will explain it as clearly as they can, ask a couple of questions, and do the job. No more, no less.


In searching for the right web consultant(s), there’s a good chance that you’ll encounter something like this. Be wary when you hear this scheme. More often than not, they are frauds. At this day and age, someone walking around with a “special secret strategy” about web consultancy is as rare as anything can get. Think of it this way: if they really have a strategy that’s that good, they will be bigger than what they are; they will be a larger brand with bigger pockets, better manpower, and everything in between. Now, if they really have a certain strategy, they will easily let you know at least a good portion of it. Also, real web consultants will understand that they are in a business wherein things like that cannot remain undisclosed to clients.


With outsourcing companies spread out in dozens of countries, communication can be hard. The inevitable challenges of conflicting time zones will come into play, unless both parties try, which should happen every time. So, the keyword here is “too hard.” If you are noticing an unusual difficulty in communicating with the consultant(s), like them contacting you via email only and not in chat or calls, know that it’s not a good sign. A true web consultant wants to be in contact with you as much as possible because he has inquiries, suggestions, etc. – and they would find a way to reach you, or at least meet half-way, no matter how conflicting those times are.

In conclusion:

Be very extra careful of these things. If those are present in your web consultant(s), it’s not a good sign. All web consultants have flaws, whether you’re bad, mediocre, average, above average, or whatever. That being said, remember that with good web consultants, it’s almost impossible to experience or go through the situations above. They know that those things will not be a good look for them and everything they are trying to accomplish. Excluding the much-need skills, true web consultants will hide nothing, tell you like it is, and keep you on the loop all the time.

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