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Tips on How to Choose an Outsourcing Company

In one of our previous articles, we gushed about getting outsourced services. We firmly believe that it’s always a win-win situation for the parties involved. For us, it’s not about getting one or not, it’s about who should you get. The risk beats the reward every time.

So, in choosing which service to hire, what are the things you should really look for? There are plenty. Although this is certainly a good investment, you should still find who fits with your needs the best. For this piece, we will be tackling this very topic. Below are a couple of tips to help you choose an outsourcing company.


Before you filter down the potential partners, you should do it to yourself first. List every single thing you want out of the service; leave nothing behind. This practice will help in the “screening process.” It puts things in perspective, both for you and the companies that are courting you. If outsourcers understand you more, they will pitch themselves better. That, of course, will help you in determining who fits your company the best.


First of all, do know that having long experience doesn’t mean you are assured of a better service. But, in situations like these, wherein you are handing down responsibilities that are this big, the one that’s more tenured is should be considered heavily. It’s the safe pick; there are no rooms for risks for things with this kind of magnitude. Also, in checking their experience, you are also efficiently estimating if they are built for the results you are looking for. When you do ask for such details, it will allow you to measure their qualifications, expertise, strengths, and weaknesses better.


This, obviously, is one step you should never forget. It’s like interviewing an applicant without any resume and/or portfolio, it’s almost impossible to do it right without any of those references. In checking their work samples and/or background, you will get a good scope on how capable they are in dealing with the challenges that could be present in the project. While in the process, do not overlook anyone in their team, whether it’s the project managers, team leaders, and other team members. This is not mandatory, but giving them some scenarios regarding their tasks can really help in the evaluation process.


This tip applies to those who hire foreign companies/people. After doing all of the above, you should now ensure that the communication for your company and theirs will be convenient. Keep in mind that this is as critical as any item in this list.

Ask yourself these:

  • • How much of a barrier would language be?
  • • How parallel would your working hours be?
  • • Are they available via Phone, Email, Skype, etc.? How proficient are they in those apps?
  • • How quickly can they respond?

Unless the company is really that good and well-fitted for the type of service you want, acquiring a company with a big conflict in time and barrier and language is not preferred.

In conclusion:

Handing vital company information and tools to another company is crucial. It makes or breaks a company. We hope that the tips we’ve listed above can help you filter things in this process. Be sure to pick the one that fits best with what you need. Don’t overlook these guidelines. Measure each candidate you like and see how they fair, each of the 4 tips above. By doing that, all signs point to you making the right choice.

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