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E-Commerce 101: Writing Product Descriptions

The importance of product descriptions cannot be stressed enough. Those copies, along with the other web content, act as the second voice and an extension of whatever the brand’s sales pitch is. If it is poorly written, it can cause an immediate free fall in reputation and revenue.

In this piece, we hope to give everyone in the e-commerce industry a lift. We’ll discuss the various tips on how to write product descriptions. Moreover, this will also contain tips about what to say, how to say it, when to say it, and more. Let’s get going.

Study Your Audience

Make sure that you do this thoroughly. This will be one of your guidelines when you begin to write. This is done because it is important that you relate to them as much as possible. By doing so, the potential buyer will likely feel that needed connection with your brand, creating a great buyer-seller relationship.

If your target audience consists older people, it’s obviously not wise to use words and phrases that are used by teenagers—and vice versa.

Know About the Product

You must know everything about the product. It allows you to write better and more effective copies. Here’s a few things you must know: its abilities, how it differs from its competitors (similar products), and a brief but detailed background of the product.

Highlight the Benefits

Never leave this one out. Listing the specifications are of course important, but those are not enough. See to it that the benefits are highlighted and reiterated—make it as big as a headline if possible. Enumerate the reasons why they have/need to buy the product. Use every persuasion skill in your body to put their mindset into “buy mode.”

Put SEO Keywords

Being catchy and detailed will get you to attract more visitors. But because most your competitors use keywords, it’s likely that you’ll see your site stuck in a mediocre rank. Great content and great optimization needs to be combined to get the best results. Content is for the quality, optimization is for the search engine-friendliness. It lets you know what words or phrases you should use so customers can find you right away.

Try Using Ornate Words Here and There

See what we did there? We used a fancy, seldom-used word to say that you should use a fancy, seldom-used word. It’s a good example of what we mean in this item.

Fancy, flowery, seldom-used words are used to add an attraction to the product. Food companies are the ones who do this the most often. Most of them even go beyond describing a food’s taste. Not only do they describe the taste, they also include how it feels, sounds, etc., which is something that you should also take note of.

Be Humorous

Either this is “too easy” or “too hard.” Whichever it may be, you should consider inserting some humor whenever you can. It shows personality, which is also important, and that you don’t take yourself too seriously. It also goes back to creating a great connection with your potential buyers. Being overly bland can make people leave in a snap. It creates a boring, tepid vibe.

Do Not Go Over 2 Paragraphs

No buyer has that kind of patience. They just want to know a couple of facts about the product and decide if they’re in or not. Basic product description writing has always suggested that a description must be scannable mainly because that’s what most customers usually do. Bombard Others even say that the standard should only include 3-4 sentences.

“Yeah, Yeah” Phrases Are a No-No

“Yeah, Yeah” phrases are cliché, overused, phrases in an ad or product description. The most popular example of this is “excellent quality.” Because of its overuse for years and years, writers should avoid using this phrase as much as they can. It’s stale, has zero effect, and only makes a customer roll his/her eyes. If you get stuck and have no choice but to use it, which is unlikely, just re-phrase the words.

Give Them a Preview

Giving the customer a preview of their great future if they buy the product is another way to persuade him/her to purchase. It gives them an extra urge and interest to do so. Although the challenge of writing a copy that’s so good it can make someone think that deeply can be difficult, it’s definitely a fun task for any passionate writer. Moreover, creating a copy with this guideline gives you a great opportunity to elevate its entire value.

In Conclusion:

On paper, it sounds like a headache. You might be thinking that some of the guidelines don’t fit together and that it’s causing some conflict. It’s not. Writing product descriptions to some extent is technical writing: The rules are stricter and personal styles are forgotten. It’s the opposite of other writers’ freedom. That being said, what we have to remember is that effective e-commerce writing is a classic case of “you have some, you lose some.” You have some profit and popularity, you lose whichever writing style it is you want. But, then again, it’s a trade that doesn’t need much thinking.

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