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Content Writing Tips for Your E-Commerce Site

E-commerce’s audience is as big as it can get. Forget citywide and even nationwide, a worldwide market is theirs for the taking. But let’s pump the breaks for a second here. We should know that for that to happen, a number of things have to come together. One of those, either 1 or 2 on the priority list is content writing. Although someone who has a way with words is needed, do know that it is not rocket science. It’s just about good execution maximizing the writer’s ability to the rules of e-commerce writing. Here now are basic tips that can put your brand in a greater position:

Get to know your audience well

Ask yourself everything you need to know about them and know the answers up to the last detail. Remember that marketing is a contest to get people’s attention. Familiarizing their wants and needs puts you in a great position to do so. If you don’t know who and what they are all about, it’s going to be impossible to cater to them.

Do a keyword research and learn the basics of SEO

To do this, learn SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as much as you can or get some assistance from someone who’s knowledgeable in SEO. Keyword research lets you know the words or phrases that your target audience frequently search. This is done so that your site can gain an identity from search engines, it’s a must in online marketing as it makes them rank you higher in search results. By doing this the right way, you can expect a higher visibility among searchers, which then leads to more site traffic.

Think of really unique USPs (Unique Selling Points) and establish it right away

We know. “Unique USPs” is redundant. But in a time where almost every marketing style has been done, USPs are becoming TSPs (Typical Selling Points). It has come to a point where this phrase needs to be reiterated. Be sure to come up with a nice hook. Visitors’ attention span is about 45 seconds max. Once they get bored of scanning through unappealing images and/or texts, them leaving and looking at other sites is virtually automatic. To establish it right away, put the USPs on the homepage and headlines. Make them remember how good your products are and that they’re dealing with great business people.

Be simple and relevant

Overdoing something is never the answer. Balance puts everything in rhythm, regardless of the activity. Avoid using big, flowery words—e-commerce is not poetry class. This platform is an exact opposite; the less you say, the better. Putting nonsensical things can drive visitors away fast. Just let them know the information that is needed and move on—no more, no less.

Write an effective product description

Writing an effective product description is as important as they can come. It comes with a lot of rules. Content-wise, take note that a product’s feature(s) is just secondary. The main thing is to let them know what the benefits are. Write about its usefulness and make them feel that the product is a necessity. Although the skill of persuasion will come into play, it does not mean that you are allowed to oversell. Overselling creates a list of negativity towards customers. It’s very rare that you will come out with great results. Also, by trying to oversell products, you are unknowingly reducing its value. Great will be good, bad will be worse. It’s a downward spiral in profit and brand reputation.

In conclusion:

First impressions are everything, especially in business. You only have a single shot at it (two if you’re lucky) and that’s it. If you blow it, it’s likely that that customer is gone forever. To avoid such circumstances, try incorporating the guidelines above. It’s a system that promises a better website, whether it’s for the purposes of SEO or e-commerce.

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