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Mobile App Development: Basic Tips on How to Make Your Gaming App Viral

In this day and age, entering the mobile app business can be very hard. It’s an industry that’s overflowing of competitors. There’s a new type of app in the market every day, making the “margin of new ideas” thinner than it already is. Let’s not also forget that most of those competitors have been established for years. They have an edge on a dozen of important aspects: money, popularity, resources, etc. The only thing left for the newbies is to maximize the things they could do with the ideas they have. But how? What could these things be? Let’s explore on the topic.

Never overlook the power of Social Media (Facebook and/or Google+). It’s a key point you can’t miss out on. The medium, as we may all know, has the ability to turn everything into a marquee name in a short period of time. A few hundreds of accounts from the two social networking sites can multiply if handled the right way. Also, when you think about it, today’s users, maybe including you, do not like to go to the whole signing-up process. They want to play and they want it as soon as possible.

This adds to your likability. It can create a great vibe between you and the user. These rewards can be coins, points, free upgrades, and the like, that can help them get more and more from the app. Additionally, these will also help in familiarizing themselves with your app quicker. Make sure that inviting their Social Media contacts or other friends is also an option within the process. A popular choice here is to give them rewards whenever they send invites to their friends. It’s a surefire way to fuel users into your app.

The key thing for this part is trust. That’s an aspect you wish to capture from a user, especially if your app is new. Be open on what you can view and/or share from them. Let them have complete control regarding publicity options. Not doing so might drive them to deleting the app.

Picture Angry Birds, Flappy Bird, Temple Run, or 2048. When you break it down, there’s really something in the game that attracts you to play again and again. The common denominator here is its undeniably addictive process, which also deals with simple psychology. The simple premise will make you believe that you will have no problem dominating the game; not knowing that overcoming certain obstacles of the game are easier said than done, which in turn, gets you hooked.

NOTE: Having a complex premise does not mean your app cannot be viral.

This one has to be done very cautiously. You want to lure them into using your app again but at the same time, you don’t want them to be annoyed. To thread that fine line, you’re going to need two things: a great wordsmith and some careful planning. The content of the notification should be really enticing and it should ignite their feel for the game. Make them imagine the great gaming experience they are about to have. For the sending of the notifications, be sure to do it occasionally and not regularly.

Doing this puts you in good start. It places you in a position to have a better chance to be viral. This is a developmental stage that should never be skipped. Almost all types of businesses do this before launching a new product. It lets you know the things you must retain or remove, without the risking the reputation of your brand.

Although encountering a David vs. Goliath type of battle is unavoidable in this business, we just have to remember that there’s a certain formula for success in every industry, and mobile app development is no different. If you somehow create a good deal of separation from your competitors, whoever it maybe, and you combine it with the guidelines we have mentioned above, you’ll be in great shape.

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