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5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Its Own Mobile App

We can’t deny how influential our smartphones has become. It has taken over our lives. It doesn’t even matter if we’re at office or at home, either a smartphone or a PC is at our face. With that fact, smart businessmen should have their thinking caps on. There’s always a talk of being different. Now is a great time for that. Here now are some reasons on why you should give your business its own mobile app.

Having an app gives you an option to give your users a push notification. It’s a quick and easy way to promote your products, promos, services, etc. If it’s location-based, picture how high the revenue could be if you inform users about a mall or outlet sale that’s only minutes away from them.

QUICK TIP: While in the process, remember to be careful on the frequency of these notifications. The goal is to inform and promote, not to bombard.

People are using their phones almost 24/7. Although one can argue that hours are spent on text, calls, and other apps, it’s all about the visibility. Being planted in the minds of customers is a good way to start. It’s one of the essence and initial steps in branding. Also, this as direct as it can get. Your name and logo is just clicks away.

QUICK TIP: Make your mobile app logo as recognizable as you can. Studies have long said that it adds a certain appeal, regardless of the type of service you offer.

Speaking of “planting,” building a good relationship with your customers can be achieved with mobile apps. Though it depends on the structure, the process permits you to communicate with customers as quick as possible, allowing you to give them the special treatment they want and deserve. It can also lead to social media engagements such as comments, likes, and shares.

QUICK TIP: Assign someone who can answer to these inquiries in real-time. It builds a great reputation.

Though there is risk, do know that this is the good kind of risk. The risk-reward system for this process tilts more to rewards and not the other way around, making the investment truly worth it. From a psychological point of view, it is also probable that those consumers, who are on your bandwagon way before you hit it big, will be loyal to you. As a business, it’s something you can’t miss out on.

Many businesses are not yet open to this idea; you should take advantage of the situation and use it to the fullest. It will make you stand out within the sea of competitors you have. Customers who believe in trying and exploring new brands will not shy away from your app. That alone advances you a couple of steps ahead of others. When you also think about it, advertising through flyers, posters, banners, billboards, and websites can be tough, especially if you are brand is not that established. People are loaded (and possibly annoyed) with the tons of advertisements they are seeing. Everyone is crowding that platform; mobile apps can really be a game changer. This allows you to be in a stage where there’s less competition in terms of getting people’s attention.

QUICK TIP: Offer a special promo or reward for downloading your app. It should be a two-way street: they contribute in advancing your brand, you give them freebies and discounts in return.

In Conclusion:
If there’s one thing that’s predictable, it’s the future of mobile phones. It is very probable that their usage will continue to grow in various aspects. That, eventually, will lead every brand to promote their name in mobile phones in any way they can. It’s not as widespread as print, radio, and TV ads, so it’s the perfect time to start. The cost is almost the same and there’s less competition. It’s favourable for businesses everywhere.

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