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Hashtag is not just for fun or an urban and digital “go- around” that everyone follows. This, in a deeper sense, is a marketing technique every social media marketer must properly follow. Hashtag is basically a word or phrase preceded by a hash mark (#). The symbol is commonly included in a message or phrase to facilitate keyword or topic searches. Most users have no idea that in certain Social Media sites, including a hashtag in a post, will make the post searchable by other users.
We can’t deny how influential our smartphones has become. It has taken over our lives. It doesn’t even matter if we’re at office or at home, either a smartphone or a PC is at our face. With that fact, smart businessmen should have their thinking caps on. There’s always a talk of being different. Now is a great time for that. Here now are some reasons on why you should give your business its own mobile app.
In this day and age, entering the mobile app business can be very hard. It’s an industry that’s overflowing of competitors. There’s a new type of app in the market every day, making the “margin of new ideas” thinner than it already is. Let’s not also forget that most of those competitors have been established for years. They have an edge on a dozen of important aspects: money, popularity, resources, etc. The only thing left for the newbies is to maximize the things they could do with the ideas they have. But how? What could these things be? Let’s explore on the topic.