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THE W-LIST: Marketers’ SEO 9 New year’s Resolution for 2015

SEO has changed for the past few years and still to change for the following years. The gist, 2014 has been a great SEO battle and 2015 must change, though there are battles in branding, search ranking, SEO, social media, and marketing as a whole, 2015 must be a more personalized.

Let’s claim it, the battle is there, but the SEO triumph is yours.

Let us begin 2015 with SEO New years’ resolution.


While the rise of new wave of 2015 SEO is coming, we business people must be aware on these. Aside from Google Updates, search engines apprise that directly affect us, Users must be treated first. This is since we are curating a good job mark not only for search engine but for customer as a whole. With this, it’s good to assume that the greatest SEO New year’s resolution for 2015 must be CUSTOMERS FIRST!

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  • Raj Arora

    Nice infographic, just to add few more things:
    Beside content creation, you need to market it well otherwise content marketing strategy is not complete.

    For your 5th Resolution as ‘Make Videos’ – Do add video reviews by your customer in your website. This helps in building trust and your brand value in the eyes of new customers.
    Use LSI technique to include keywords in your website beside keyword phrases as this will help you in avoiding keyword stuffing.
    Content curation is required when generating ideas for new blog post, so that your users as well as Google bot will find new and interesting post on your website.
    For the 9th resolution – Your design must include Call To Action stuffs in the website.


  • Web Outsourcing Gateway

    Thanks for the additional details here @miraclestudios:disqus.