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SEO FOR MARKETERS: Most Useful SEO Infographics in the WEB

SEO, for many years have been proven to be a combination of science, a systematic flow and tactics; and an art for undeniably creative usage of this.

Despite fact that Search Engine Optimization has been an overused topic and almost mastered by some gurus over the web, SEO on the other hand is not so perfected by others. With this, we compiled most useful and well-elaborated infographics the web have so far. Designed by renowned content marketers, we assure that these infographics are the most beneficial so far.

We divided the compilation by 5 categories. First, the beginning where SEO rooted; followed by the Basic of SEO in the modern world down to the predicted trends of SEO by 2015.

1. History of SEO by Copify

It is said to be that Search Engine Optimization or SEO begun in 1990s when Webmaster needed to optimize and so submit their websites to search engines that will crawl the through what they call a “spider”, know the links to other pages from it, and return information found on the page to be indexed.

But what really made the change for the SEO world was the birth of most used Search Engines, Google and Yahoo among others. Suddenly, refinement of these web search engines happened. Meta tags, dynamic URLs came, then there’s the Google Panda and so on.

Thereafter Search engines banned malicious links specifically those doing the Black hat SEO; The birth of Universal search; the rise of Social media; the launch of Google analytics are among those historical events on the word of SEO.

For the Infographics presented by the Copify, the History of SEO with detailed years and specifications was presented (click the Image for the full Infographics).

2. Basic of SEO by SEO4anyone and Search Engine Land

SEO is a scientific process of getting traffic to a website or a web page in search engines’ natural, free or organic search results. SEO may come to different Major kinds namely On page SEO, Off page SEO. With these divisions, they have several tactics to obtain results.

On-page optimization covers what can be made on the pages of the website itself like content creation and so on; and off-page optimization, which covers activity, that takes place outside the website like Link building.

Infographics such as the SEO by SEO4anyone and the Goldilocks of SEO by Search engine Land explains the basic concepts of SEO (click the Image for the full Infographics).

3.  Tips by Search Engine Land

Infographics for SEO tips was elaborated by the Search Engine Land which provided a comprehensive look for SEO success for businesses. The Periodic table of SEO Success Factors is one of the most wide-ranging SEO infographics.

Among these, SEL deliberately discussed about on-page SEO techniques such as content, HTML, and architectures; Off-page SEO such as links, trust, social media and personal.

For the Complete table of SEO Success factors by Search Engine Land, (click the Image for the full Infographics).

4. Deep digging SEO facts by Brafton

Brafton extensively mentioned how content has been the most essential emblem of driving SEO. It said to be that Content is still the king in every SEO aspects as it drives traffic to a web page. In the point of view of user, information that comes in a form of content is the only thing they need in a website before doing something else.

The premise is simple: people wanted you to bring what they need- from products to information. And for instance that they couldn’t find any piece of information on your page, they browse other page.

On the other hand, Brafton discussed how content was quality controlled on the side of Google that let content be useful to user. On the practical side, brafton then elaborated how content works, content diversity and others (click the Image for the full Infographics).

5. Predictions by Business 2 Community

Since 2014 is coming to an end, SEO is now under future observation. Among these future-look of SEO is the Business to Community’s Wheelhouse Advisors’ 10 Marketing Predictions for 2015.

With vast changes in SEO for 2014, static enough, content is still the king in 2015. The relevance of content for the past few years was considered the top priority to win in the Search engine battle. Few years after, content is still the king and marketers seen that readers mostly relies on relevant information thus high-end SEO is needed.

For the coming years, content will extensively be in the developing SEO again. Along this, content marketing budget will rise, Social media marketing will escalates, Video marketing with SEO will be introduced and will continue to soar in demand, and mobile application will intensify (click the infographics for full image).


The greatest emblem of successful SEO can be mapped to how great the content was. First, how were the readers been satisfied to what they have read. Relevance is a must, readers will stay to a page if they can get what they need; without anything from it will be going somewhere and doing something else.

In 2015 and strongly assume that in the future dates, Content will be the royal for SEO. So we marketers must be willing to expand our knowledge and expertise to suffice the people craving in information.

In addition, well analyzed social media strategy, email marketing, influencer and other SEO tactic must be handled well.


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