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WHAT IS INFLUENCER MARKETING? Concepts and Tips You Should Know By Now

A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is–it is what consumers tell each other it is, said Scott Cook, the founder and CEO of Intuit.

And that is a big premise to note. To date, marketing challenge doesn’t end using social media and other platforms to tell the people what to know about our product and services. With the high competition and big marketing change that rose on the global market, marketing now must escape  boxed marketing going to how people be persuaded to tell other consumer that your product is the one and first on the list. To this call, influencer markets birthed.

The role of customer themselves rises from the bottom line that people- called influencers- affect people. While it is still the premise that advertising and marketing work, it seems that the power of influencing lays now to people themselves, and a successful marketing would be in a domino effect. That is, when one successes, the other may follow.


In line with why Influencer marketing today is real deal may be rooted from great communication process, especially in Media, that have a direct effect on this argument- that people are the direct marketer in the business landscape. This principle is engrained to the basics two-step flow theory.

The two-step flow of communication theory by Elihu Katz suggests that information flows from mass media down to opinion leaders that greatly affects and changes people’s “attitudes and behaviors.”  To this episode, customers’ decision-making are directly affected by these opinion leaders, from this point, we call them the Influencers. This will greatly explain how influencer changes the purchasing behavior of prospective customers that tends to purchase and decide like what influencers have told them to do.


Influencer marketing or influence marketing is a process of targeting greater number of people or groups by first building relationships to few and identified marketing person or group of person in support to the business objective.

Influencer is a person or who give smart opinions that are relevant enough to entice an action from others. And Influencer is a great help to make brand awareness and to the point of purchase.

Recently, Remit Bhargava has proposed a categorization for new media influencers that revolve around content creation, consumption of products and sharing relevant information.

  1. Content creators. They are mostly bloggers on specific fields.
  2. Content consumers (go online, they browse, they read things and email. But they are not creators or bloggers)
  3. Content sharers (find interesting content and save it, add it to a list or pass it on)

Malcolm Gladwell, a New York Times journalist and the author of “The Tipping Point’ also pointed three major categories of what he called the “Influencials”. These are the following:

  1. Connectors are the people who link us to the rest of the world.
  2. Mavens are the “information specialists” who accumulate and share knowledge.
  3. Salesmen are the “persuaders” who possess the powerful negotiation skills.

Knowing what kind of Influencers to hook on and connect to, are like baiting influencer on the first stage and secondly, baiting customers to purchase through the first bait. This basis is a tipping point for companies to attract influencers at first hand. The latest Nielsen survey says that 90% of consumers trust peer recommendations that 33% trusting Ads. This data lead to the conclusion that customers still looking for trusted individuals’ opinion before purchasing happens. Thus, earned decision-making is still at stake when dealing a social enticement brought by the influencers.


  1. Set goals and objectives and how to measure it.
  2. Pick right people. Influencers are now online every time you open your browser and get to look for them. Many mentions they are but only few prove.
  3. After targeting influencers, follow them on their blog. Comment to their article and every updates. To get the story short, simply connect.
  4. Not just on their blogs, stalk them. Blog commenting might not be enough, socialize with them at their SNS accounts.
  5. Analysis, research and observation. Don’t make any reason to be a disappointment. Gather data, list people to follow, rank them well, and observe what’s happening to your action. Omit strategies that have bad results, on the other hand, add up to good ones.
  6. Use influencer-marketing platform like Traackr, Appinions. They work!
  7. Value time. Don’t waste time. If possible, create a timeline, a schedule to follow through. Double the effort, keeps an eye on the timer, and remembers that there are a lot of competitors out there. Make the best action ever.
  8. Thinking tactic relevance is still the key. Like in number 7, influencer-marketing effort must not waste any second. In the analysis, make sure that you’re getting the most relevant influencer out there.
  9. Humanize everything. Keep in mind that you are doing this first and last for your human customer, not robots.
  10. Make it professional. It’s okay to be sometimes informal, but informality is also bounded. Remember: corporate world is the world of professionalism.


Influencer marketing is simply connecting to people who affect more customers’ opinions and purchasing decisions. For this, 50 of these renowned Influencers today were deliberately listed to some blogs like the Entrepreneur list of Influencers of 2014.

With the premise of affecting ones thought down to greater number of minds will be rooted from the word ‘quality’. Influencers are just the middlemen, they may affect one’s decision but at the end of the day, it’s the quality of your product which will count most. Customer might be affected by those influencers but when the dice roll, your product quality will be the top notched argument why customers must stay or leave your brand.

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  • John David

    It’s really very useful information. I think influencer marketing can play an important role to make brand popular with genuane way.

  • Web Outsourcing Gateway

    Thanks. influencer marketing is indeed like that. That’s why we, marketers, need to play it right.

  • iYBKenya

    Influencer marketing is
    growing and with it brings new challenges. The main one being the issue of full
    disclosure, because most often these influencers are paid to push a product and
    if their following notices that some become reluctant to share or engage with
    the content. Sooner or later this issue will need to be addressed.