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SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING IN THE WORKPLACE (From Employees’ scope of socializing Trust to Customer Experience)

The fact: Social Media Marketing is now a necessity.

The premise above can be rooted from the evidences that stating Social Media Marketing is still on the rise not just this year but for all years to come because, the numbers say 61% of global Internet users, research products online. That is, to cope with it, 86% of B2B Marketers are using content marketing; 55% of B2B Marketers plan to increase their content marketing spending in the next year, and 84% of B2B Marketers use social media in some form.

Well, the vast growth of internet usage and flocking of users to some well-known Social Networking sites is the greatest ground why marketers must watch out for social media for the following years. For some business people, certain group of people is dedicated to this type of Job. While the fact is 47% of B2B Marketers have dedicated content marketing groups and 69% of the most effective B2B Marketers have also dedicated content marketing groups (Content Marketing Institute, 2014).

The argument would start here. Social media marketing is a tough job. It may include branding, keeping an aware environment about the product, building product’s trusts, customer relationship, and so on and so forth. The argument may come now as how limited this group can be and can do, well in fact most of the personnel in the workplace can do the job simultaneously and might be even better and massive.

Social media in the workplace

More private and public companies ban social media in a workplace. Employers are clearly stating that this action can be rooted of the productivity issue of the employee. Many said that social networking site will lead to passive, unproductive, and uncreative employee at the first place.

Alongside with this social networking issues are the use of bandwidth that the company is using since internet use is an issue; Video sharing, posting updates, uploading pictures are among others. Nonetheless, many studies suggest good impact of social media in the workplace. Evolv, a big data firm, and Warwick Business school found a common denominator—social media connectivity appeared to boost metrics like productivity and retention. In a statement, Evolv said, “The fact that they’re better at handling customer interactions may stem from the fact that they’re inherently more social people.”

With that study, it is thoroughly said that a 20 to 25 percent of productivity rise may be recorded when a company implemented a social technologies scheme, that is, social media are included. This, in particular, can build a what-so-called the interaction workers, which was defined as high-skill knowledge workers.

If there is a premise of having those employees all round this social media access in a restricted and educated work environment, is it possible to use the whole workforce to be involved in social media marketing?

What can employee do to social media marketing?

  • a. Multi-channel.

Employees can be tasked to do a social media sharing, adding likes and plus, and shaping a good view of the company’s products over the web.

Study of Assa Gakui Munene and Ycliffe Misuko Nyaribo of Kenya stated that “Human beings are predisposed to create networks and communities that they feel may contribute to creation and sharing of knowledge. This was evident from the findings which indicate that social media offers a new medium for knowledge creation and offers organizations the potential to enhance productivity. This can be achieved when proper and effective ways of managing employee social media participation exist.” (p.9)

This can lead to multi-channel and can even break trend on how your products were shared in an infinite number of people through your employers.

  • b. Impression and Trust building

Alongside with the multi-channeling of networks by your fellow employees, trust can follow up. Remember that human factor is great deal in terms of building trust to your business in a social media marketing episodes. Take a look at what buffer used to have in their blogs. Buffer extensively exhibits the whole team to get transparency and connection wise issues. The company is then open for dialogs, questions, queries, and so on and so forth.

This rooted from the idea of making prospective consumer feel comfortable through making them know that other people know you and channels are good enough for this.

Strong and intact networks from employers to employees to several connections can also bring a good reputation to a company and its product. David Kelleher said, “Building strong social networks can help a business to improve its reputation with as little advertising as possible,” (p. 1)

Lastly, Francisco Rosales stated in his article in Social Mouth, “When people feel insecure about something, they look around for validation. Show them that other people trust you.”

  • c. Marketing as a whole.

Social media is a gateway to great pool of networks thus bringing good opportunity to get through the wide circles outside the company. This time, social media marketing can take place even in a workplace.

With that pool of circles, employees’ social networks can lift company’s image as thought leaders in the field and prospective customers start to recognize your business as reliable and an excellent source of information/products that suit their requirements (Kelleher, 2009).

This is simple, because of social media, company can do well in being active in social media by letting many employee share what’s on company profile, contents, and services, and then make it to a point that people will be involved to what your company has– from information to products per se.

This can also lead to low cost of marketing effort that can be maintained under a good, strict, and professional grounds of implementing social media in the workplace.


The rise of the use of social media is extensively visible nowadays from personal, business to corporate significance. However, proper formulation and tactics must rise from this fact about social media. However, making social media visible to workplace for the social media marketing effort must be accompanied by clear goal and clear professionalism both for the employees and employers. To concern about Employees, they are susceptible to the dark side of social media satisfaction that my lead to abuse, addiction, and misuse of productive time (Munene & Nyaribo, 2013).

To get rid of these dark sides of social media, a clear goal, instructions, media analysis, and employee’s analysis must take place first. At the end of the story, Social media marketing may start either as an easy process or a tough job both for the marketers and simple employees. After all, strategic development and analysis are the best basis social media marketing effort can ever had.

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