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SEO Localization: Enhance Your Marketing Techniques for Your Target Market

In business marketing, you must consider many things such as the identity and branding of your product, your objectives and goals, your capabilities in running a kind of business, the budget, the place, the equipment, your strategies, and other marketing efforts including your website.

But among these, the most essential thing you must consider is your target market.

According to Dave Kurtz (2010), target market is a group of customers, which is the must first well-defined element in marketing strategy. But to note, there is always a competition particularly in grasping the attention of your selected target market. Reality check: you are not just the only marketer who targets them, there are many – hundreds or even millions of marketers.

With vast competition in the global arena, particularizing your target is a must. Along with this, selecting a target market, you should have a lot of researches and studies, including surveys, since target market could be based on the following aspects given by Cohen A. Wiliam (2005):

  1. Segmentations – The location of your target market;
  2. Demographic or Socio Economic segmentation – Profile or Background information and stage in the family life cycle of the target market;
  3. Psychographic segmentation – Attitude and lifestyle of target market;
  4. Behavioral segmentation – Degree of loyalty of target market; and
  5. Product related segmentation – The relationship of target market to the product.

Marketing through your website is challenging as like when you are in a combat zone. You must be geared, prepared, and ready to compete. There are a lot of techniques for this competition now a day that became productive, convenient, and cost-effective way in penetrating target market, such as, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Integration, link building, content marketing, and many more. But there is only weapon that is very much important for your target market –SEO Localization.

SEO Localization is the way of developing your website based on your target market’s native language, customs, and locations. It is for ensuring that your website content is on-point in engaging your local and multilingual market while increasing international search engine rankings. With this, results of the product or service being searched by the target market in the search engines would be specific in terms of the location and local keywords.

To guide you in SEO localization, here is the list of some guidelines that you may consider.

Tips in SEO Localization:

  • • Think before localize: “Do I really need to localize my website?”

The answer is depending on the state of your business. If your business targets market on the specific country, for example, in Japan, then you need to have a localized website that will suite to the custom and native language of Japan.

  • Plan before localize

Early planning for optimization and marketing strategies for a localized website is very important. This is a reality; some business companies localize their website first before thinking about marketing strategies and have difficulties in maintaining the objective of localizing their website while dealing with the prospective target market.

  • Localize your domain name

Domain name is one of the most important parts in SEO Localization, because aside from the keywords you used, it is the passage of the target market to get on the landing page of your website. Use domain name based on the location of your target market.

  • Localize your keywords

Every country uses different keywords. Oftentimes, it is based on their customs and languages they are using. Localize the keywords in your local website, especially the keywords that they usually use in search engine.

The same as language, web design and user interface must be linked to the custom of the target market. It also affects their way of searching websites in search engines. When they see that the website is designed for them, localized for them, and even “talking” to them, it catches their attention.


In doing marketing techniques, consider the not-so-common aspect because we never know that it might be the key to a more successful and productive marketing effort. Indeed, SEO Localization can help you in enhancing your marketing effort for your target market.

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