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The Next Marketing Strategy You Should Try Before 2014 Ends – Guerrilla Marketing

Well, we have known about marketing. The typical or the traditional marketing occurred back from several years ago…

Then there is television…

Then there are B2B marketing, internet-marketing, buzz marketing…

And so on and so forth….

Marketing is enormously growing. But we still have to deal on a not-so-familiar marketing means—the Guerrilla Marketing.

First used by Jay Conrad Levinson in his popular 1984 book, Guerrilla Marketing is a low- or no-cost but highly effective marketing means of delivering product message to the public. This will lead to an awareness that their product (or sometimes services) exist.

By the father himself, Jay Conrad Levinson describes Guerrilla Marketing as:

I’m referring to the soul and essence of guerrilla marketing which remain as always — achieving conventional goals, such as profits and joy, with unconventional methods, such as investing energy instead of money.”

Further, Levinson (2014) pointed that this marketing technique is commonly used for small business since they can usually had a tight budget for marketing efforts. But this can never go alone. Check out some strategies that can go along with guerrilla:

• Grassroots marketing and astroturfing. This basic principle for this is the person-to-person communication. If the message has successfully transferred, then like a grass root, the dissemination happens. Today, grassroots marketing also collaborate with the use of social media typically for sharing.

•  Street or “tissue pack” marketing. It was originated in Japan. This is a type of guerrilla marketing where products are passed through hand-to-hand.

•  Wait marketing. Created by Diana Derval, this marketing type consists of interacting with consumers when they are available and where they are waiting.

•  Internet marketing. Getting the name of a company, product and services in public via the internet through buzz, contents, etc.

•  Viral marketing. Spreading awareness using unconventional means like the social media.


  1. The resources are endless. Guerrilla marketing resources is endless–from mini-media to multimedia. The rise of the internet and social media spice up the capacity for these. Since millions of millions of people are on the cyber world, many people are hooked to ‘non-usual things like taking a bath with ice bucket’, and since people want adventurous stuffs, this type of marketing will never ever die.
  2. Low cost and highly effective. This type of marketing is much low cost than any other type of marketing strategies like doing a TVC or so and it will never end up as nothing, unless you never plan of this.
  3. It is a psychological playground. This type of marketing is not just a typical marketing. This is ‘wit’ marketing. Marketers must use their heads in order to get what people can hooked to, or what people can worth sharing with, and if possible, what people can be crazy about.
  4. It involves artistry (and common sense). Since this marketing technique involves a psychological playground for both the sender and the receiver, artistry and common sense is badly needed. For this, time, energy, and imagination are a must.
  5. Can take a buzz suddenly after hit. Nowadays, we call videos or photos a viral when everybody is talking about it and everybody is aware about it. The ice bucket challenge is one example, maybe it is not about the money but look where have it been now. People are doing the challenge, money comes, and people now are aware of what ALS feels like.


  1. It should contain clear and not degrading message
  2. Wrong strategy timing that can be against the interest of the consumer. Look at the Aqua Teen Hunger Force promotion that caused panic in Boston back in 2007.
  3. If it will cause risk for the general public, don’t bother to continue it.
  4. If this is simply ‘annoying’, don’t endure the plan. Make a cool but can rock the public. Not to annoy the, it can cause you a disaster.

Let us give you three of best ever marketing strategies that shook the world using a campaign. Check out the following:

Panda in Paris. Back in 2008, Worldwide Wildlife Fund (WWF) placed 1,600 hand-painted figurines- representing the exact number of pandas in wild- in the grounds of Paris hotel de Ville. This is an awareness campaign to say that these cute animals are now endangered.

Blair witch project. This movie was first debated as true of just a hoax. But after Nonetheless, the movie was a hit and after, co-writers admitted that the film is entirely scripted.

The ALS Ice bucket challenge. Three Million donors and still counting, this campaign brought by the ALS organization still hit the world wide web with their Ice bucket challenge- to do it, means pouring on a bucket full of ice; or donate a hundred dollars. The campaign was brought to life to give an awareness campaign on Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) especially on the exact feeling of this disease, and that is when an ice bucket was poured on a person.

Check these kickass sample of best campaigns:

Guerrilla marketing has been considered a non-traditional marketing strategy but yet, if properly utilized, as productive as others have. It a low- or no-cost but highly effective marketing means of delivering product message to the public. But like any other marketing strategies, guerilla marketing must be properly executed as to deliver the right message, in the right place and time. Otherwise, the tactic can fail.

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