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Keeping your e-commerce business alive and kicking in the middle of a whole lot competitions out there may be a stressful job to you as a business owner. That annoying task will be lessened when you -and your business partner- consider these 3 Ss in building a world-class and competitive e-commerce. To give you a glimpse on these, check out the following facts and figures on the infographic below.
Static. That’s how we spell our effort for our Internet Marketing. We are wrong! It changes a lot. “I’ve got into Online Marketing world for about 4 years, but how came I didn’t get it to perfection?” This is one of the saddest things I’ve heard, as an online marketing guru from a friend-- that evens our experiences cannot be our best teacher. Why? Because, indeed, it changes a lot. Internet marketing is advertising and doing marketing efforts through the use of web to affect customer behavior. But since wants, needs, and even technology changes overtime, the effort is worth looking back again.

The Big 3 of Internet Marketing

Marketing is like a battlefield. You need to fight to survive. You need to find strategies to stay alive. You need to have the greatest, the biggest, and most powerful weapons to defeat your opponents. This is the challenge...and the reality.
Well, we have known about marketing. The typical or the traditional marketing occurred back from several years ago… Then there is television… Then there are B2B marketing, internet-marketing, buzz marketing… And so on and so forth…. Marketing is enormously growing. But we still have to deal on a not-so-familiar marketing means---the guerrilla marketing. First used by Jay Conrad Levinson in his popular 1984 book, Guerrilla Marketing is a low- or no-cost but highly effective marketing means of delivering product message to the public. This will lead to an awareness that their product (or sometimes services) exist.